Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prot PVP

Prot PVP

I've been slightly bored lately so I've been PVP'n. I've run in to the players we all complain about in 5 man pugs that are in BG's as well. I'll never understand why people fight on the roads, or cap a flage/base and leave. To me it seems crazy that happens.
I PVP as Prot even in BG's. I find I'm very hard to kill but I still can't pull off great damage. I'll explain Prot PVP like this, its a marathon and not a sprint. I'm doing PVP for fun and some honor which I'll talk about later.If I was doing arena I'd respec but as for now, i'm in PVP spec.

To PVP -
A few things will help you out:
-our mastery is junk. Very few times do you take enough physical damage to justify needing to stack mastery.
- Wear Ret gear
- Hit cap is around 5% and Exp is 18 and I'm good for non miss on a level 85 toon.
- Do not gem res, get PVP gear and go for str and crit
- Change glyphs to: Judgement, WoG for extra heals and SoT or Crusader strike. for your primes. For Majors Ascetic Crusader and Rebuke and single target AS. For minor there are very little choices that will increase damage. And the glyphs I mentioned are only going to help and won't be game breaking.
-Have fun, PVP is really a great tool to learn how to use your classes abilities, and use of CD's.
-You will not be able to kill a PVP geared frost mage who wants to kite you, don't DO IT. Look for

Now a final thing, honor is changing in 4.1 but as of now, gaining honor is SUPER slow. Its far worse than gringing JP and if you happen to be on the wrong faction in you group, honor gains can be slow.

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