Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm back.

Back in the saddle again.

Not really! I'm playing the game again for the first time in a few years regularly.

Life is too busy now to devote time to blogging and chasing a semi-hard core raiding schedule. I am playing the game, enjoying it so far and I've dedicated myself to making Chasey, the best Ret Pally I can be. Yes, I said it, I said Ret Pally! Not in position right now to take up tanking, I tried holy and I am just not a healer.

My DPS is low, lower than it should be. I've been working on that. It's  hard with the item level culture of the game. But we've know that since Cata, ilvl rules the day. It weeds out the bads in a sense.

Rets too don't get much attention. We really are a great single target burst DPS but any class can do that. So taking my 868 ilvl vs. a Fire Mage or DK I lose out all the time. It has made me work to better myself which has been different.
Here is Chasey's armory, any suggestions would be welcomed.

I have more to say but want to save it for later. I hope you enjoy the Ret version of Judging Chasey as much as you did the tanking one.

Bye for now.

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