The Gross Hall of Fame

Here it is folks. You are a select few that will make the GROSS Hall of Fame.

Your award for making the GHoF, get the honor of having your toon linked here and an ingame mail will be sent to your guild leader and due to the fact its on the internet it will never go away. If you do it right, you just might get a screen shot added to the post. But...

Let me just say, this isn't your grandfathers Hall of Fame, you truly have to do something GROSS to make this list:
The VERY 1st inductee:
Slaine/Chromewolf - One of the truly great DPS players I've ever played with he knows the game inside and out and if you can play the game he is a pretty nice guy. That is where the fun stuff ends.

I've seen this man walk away from his guild heading into a boss kill stating "there is no way we can down this guy, we don't have the DPS. Every few weeks he "needed a break" from the game for some reason. He was an officer in the guild and never did anything aside from remove people form the guild. He main switched to a hunter even thou we had 2 raiding hunters in a TEN man guild and his gear was FULL PVP. BTW I've seen him in 5 mans berate people for wearing PVP gear while doing PVE. His actions also cause the RL to leave the game and booted the other hunter after cussing HER out in vent and her response was well placed and to the point ..."F&CK YOU SLAINE" he kicked her, then removed every toon she had, she was in guild for close to 3 years.

He is also the only person in game to ever threaten me. See I made a dumb mistake and called him out for some of his antics. Very uncalled for on my part. After a few weeks, I apologized. He ignored me then proceeded to talk shit. Our last conversation on vent, Slaine told me he'd love to find me, get ahold of me and he'd take my knee out.

Gratz Slaine, you will always be know as the biggest tool I've met in game and totally belong in the GROSS HALL of FAME.

Zixio -DK HYJAL-  This gent is honored for this post. He was a gem and sadly he is the guild leader of his guild. Telling someone you are bad due to low DPS is one thing, nagging over and over again because you are playing an OP class is another. It wasn't like me or the tank with me made mistakes, he was just a dick. Read the post for more info. What a gross hall of famer!

Endboss - Upcoming post telling the details.