Saturday, July 31, 2010

An epic title, Kingslayer. An epic fight.

Its about time, I've been fighting him since the 5% buff hit, we started on with my old guild on my old server and last week I got to tank and kill him.
It was pretty epic, even with 30% buff I will never forget the fight. Its not a totally complex fight, nor is it a simple tank and spank. It takes movement, thought and tank swaps. Oh, luck doesn't hurt either. Blizz did a great job setting this fight up and really, it was a great closing on a good expansion.
The fight, as many of us have seen it went down like this...
Phase 1 was flawless and simple, and even the transition was good. We had 5 replacements in raid that had never seen the fight so this was our 4th attempt. Our 1st we got him to P3.We 3 tanked it and had a warrior go prot so he could have unlimited taunts for vile spirits. Our GL/MT/DK had boss I had adds and, spirits. At the start of phase 3, the MT went down. Yep, he died. We lost a few others it was looking like we might have a wipe. I had a transition spirit up still and the warrior took that add, I switched to LK since I'm a tad more geared then him. We were losing people to stupid stuff still and the raid was getting thin. The second vile summons, we lost the warrior and we were down a ton of people. A few said its probably a wipe, I looked and seen he had 2% til we win. At this time we had 3 healers, 6 DPS and me alive. I had all my CD's ready and was hoping I didn't get a bad soul reaper. I was almost constantly kiting him due to spirits up, we lost another healer and a dps and were now down to 8 people alive. Our RL said, I think its a wipe guys we don't have the DPS. I was very sharp in saying, we have 7 minutes and alot of want to kill this bastard, just do your job and we got it. Yes, this is a pretty talented guild w/a 30% buff struggling to kill LK but a few hadn't got him down yet and I've had enough wipes and bad luck, I wanted this fight BAD. So we kept at it. Defile and soul reaper almost hit at the same time, I had defile on me so kited, AD hadn't proc'd yet but I did use my shield wall/half bubble. I was praying we had the dps to finish this, oh was I praying. It was getting tense, my aoe taunt was on CD and we had a ton of viles around. I popped a armor pot, hit my DS macro to limit some damage and....we died.....WE DID IT! With 6 people alive we did it. WOW what a feeling. For four months I've been trying to kill Arthus and I finally had it. Cheers went up and so did the rez's. So yes even with the buff, it was a epic kill as I watched Arthus die beating on my shield.

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