Sunday, December 25, 2011

Am I Opening a Goodbye?

This is going to be a slightly somber day for me today. After I post this up I'm going to be logging on to WoW to do my set of dailies for the FL mount and it might be the last time I log on. See today is Christmas and I'm going to open SWTOR and I can't wait.

Over this past year WoW has grown very boring and, well, I don't know maybe I've moved past the game.

I don't have a ton of time to invest in a video game lately, so I won't have the time to jump on both and I know me, I'll be leveling as fast as possible.

Hopefully MoP will bring me back full time, unless the primary word on SWTOR is wrong by what most say.

I will let everyone know as soon as I have it figured out but I do know this if I start a tank on SW, I'll blog about it too. I really enjoy doing this.

Happy holidays to everyone out there. I hope this day finds you healthy and happy and be safe out there for the New Year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thoughts on LFR and a pug experience.

My gear!
Above is a shot of my Tier 6 retro gear!

Last post I mentioned I hadn't got into the LFR system yet. A few hours later I jumped on, que'd up and gave it a go. This was literally 8 days after the LFR system opened up. I came in mid fight as a DPS and was in tank gear so I took off RF and put up my 9k dps (hey I tried, bad gear and lil vengeance doesn't equal good DPS in prot spec and gear). Down went the boss and I was thinking, I heard it was easy but wow. That was the final boss for the 1st part.

I que'd back up. Now sadly I'm on a lap top and it doesn't handle the 25's well as I learned in my first LFR.. So I went as DPS. We smoked the first group of bosses. The ease is amazing. My thoughts are that 5 mans are harder.

On to the DS, which I figured would be harder. Nope, in fact we wiped on the back of Deathwing and 7 people left saying this was a fail group and they don't group with bads. How did we wipe, no one listened to the 9 stacks the NPC must get or the tentacles spawn.

Of the 9 bosses I did in LFR (one twice) we wiped twice. Once because it seemed all the healers lagged on Hagarar. Deathwing was total FACEROLL and I did win the sword Gurthalak from ole deathy himself. I know I'm a tank but I was DPSing and that is my other spec. Every class that can use that can spec prot so I took a shot and won it. yay for me.

Pugging HoF-
I was chatting with a friend on RealID. He told me to come over and we could que up for the new 5mans on a DPS toon. I was excited because I don't like to que on my DPS, takes too long and I never get a good group. I was pretty happy that he was going to run me thru.

I went on my hunter Zumhug, I neglect him big time and his gear suffers for it. I waltzed into the new 5 mans in my broken MM spec and started doing 9k DPS on trash. The tank who was on vent told me it was a tad low but wait til a boss. Some how, some way ZIXIO a frost DK who was pulling a whopping 16k told me how bad I was and my DPS was to low to be in "this stuff".

Now in my defense (and excuses) I was low; my gear was bad, I think it was ilvl 351 and I'm playing on a laptop where I don't have use of my key binds and my bar add-on which leaves me on stock UI which is a bit clunky.

Our 1st boss was Jania, I went all out and since I was in vent with the tank I head a heads up on when it was going to start. I put everything I had into it. I pop'd cooldowns and tryed not to let a global pass, to my dismay, I hit a horrid 12k. Oh my I didn't hear the end of it. Then they started on my gear. My poor hunter got a beaten. I do have the rogue/druid agi trinket (Unheeded Warning) which isn't bad, it has nice Agi on it and well, I'm not raiding with this toon.

Since Zixio was a frost DK he did a pretty decent amout of damage and the the Rogue just smashed the charts. I was feeling shame and I heard over and over how bad I was at this game, I was a kid and it was my kind of player who was ruining the game for good people like him.

My response was, you are a DK and you think your DPS is good. It takes skill to play a frost DK and do good damage, am I correct in that?

Anyway, the last boss in our 5 man dropped the Agi and the healer (shammy) rolled and won it. Before leaving he ad sure to tell me my 17k on that boss was pathetic and left.

I won a few peices, bougth a trinket and paid for the crafted xbow. I hate being bad. On my next go round in those 5 mans, I hit about 20k on bosses and felt better.

My lord are people in LFG nasty. What a community wrecker.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on 4.3, Deathwing Incoming!

I want to take a second to say sorry for my lack of posting lately. I wanted to make more effort at posting. I've had to deal with two pretty sick kids and a full schedule of finals lately. So as the year winds down I'll make more of an effort and try if even to short the post to give at least my 2 cents.

With the arrival of 4.3 Blizz finds themselves smack dab in the middle of cheating drama, while players are supposed to know how to play by the rules, being that this is a video game it must allow the cheat to happen. There must be a mechanism for it to happen or it simply wont. Never the less we see another top of the line guild take advantage and get busted. More on the happening here.

New gearzzzz
In less than 5 days playing I'm hitting 373 ilvl, just a reminder I didn't have on VP and did see one FL boss during T12. I did the three new five mans which I have to say were beautiful and provided a lot to take in but there is really no skill involved. I pugged them and had a few wipes due to mechanic etc...but all in all it lacked a challenge.

I don't have anything to report here other than the rave reviews I've heard about this. Being so busy in RL I haven't raided at all. I intend to give that a go tomorrow and I can't wait to see this new tier of raiding.

I'm not too sure I know all the quests there but the games are fun and they go quick. I still have a few more time to finish up the FL dailies so I'm doing those as well. Good news is I'm making gold.

Its the time of year to give thanks, I thank my wife and kids for putting up with me all the time. I'm also very thankful for the people who come here and read my babble.