Sunday, January 19, 2014

One more try...


Face it we are all addicted to this game, it certainly isn't easy to give up the memories of this game we've all had. I'd like to just walk away totally but really, I have RL friends that I see that play the game. I have Facebook friends that still post on my wall and there is always the blog emails I get that remind me of the time I had in game.

So, needless to say, I missed the game. I'm back.

How did it go down?

I had one of my friends hit me up on facebook and talk to me about him playing the game again but on a private server. He was playing on a Vanilla server. Not sure why. As we talked longer we chose to start up playing on a TBC server. 2.4.3 in fact. It's a bit odd going back to that time frame in game. My life was so different and come to find out, so was the game.

I know we all have complaints about where WOW currently is. Even if happy, there are things you don't like. But the evolution of the game since Sunwell is amazing.

Here is my TBC version of Chasey in the Shockadin spec.

I don't condone or advise anyone with this blog post to go play on a private server, it was just my idea to give it a try.

Game play for a pally, both ret and prot were clunky to level with, going back at least. Lots of gaps in rotation and almost zero mana return. When I hit 70 I was in crafted T5 gear equivalent and as ret the very best I could do was 3 mobs in a minute with a sit to drink afterwards. Prot was much worse. To say the least it wasn't fun to grind.

I went in to Kara with a guild. I was a healadin as they had everything else covered. So to see how it went I healed. Well, no one told me the knuckleheads were trying to 6 man Kara. Ok we all know Kara was entry level raiding but no vent, no technique and almost NO experience there, The Currator is NOT doable with 2 DPS. Bad DPS at that.

After that fail it had to happen!

I chose to re-up. If I was going to waste my time playing WOW I would at least play a toon that meant something to me. It didn't matter if I was going to raid or not I wanted to play the real thing.

More on my tales of my adventures of re-upping later.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season and had a safe and happy new year.