My Toons


Chasey- Far and away my main. The blog was named after her and the reason I haven't changed to another toon is due to the time, effort and luv I have for this toon. It may seem crazy but I guess I'm a loyal person.
As soon as I got TBC I rolled a Paladin Belf. I got it to level 7 and there she sat for months. I really loathed the play style of the pally. It was brutally slow and boring. All was not lost thou...

So many memories, great epic fights and just overall my favorite toon I've played on. If you check out the history of my wow experience you can see some of the things I've done with this toon. I tanked the Prince at level 69 in Kara way pre nerf, was the OT the first time we got the bear boss down in ZA. Pugged my way thru ZA/SSC/Hyjal and countless other battles. I solo tanked my guilds first KT kill as the other tank got iceblocked, joined a few guilds, watched a few fall apart and spent  more goldon Yogg Saron fights than most of my other toons have made. While I didn't get to tank it when we killed him I set the heal up that allowed us to down Algalon to get starcaller. Her off spec is healy, pretty much always has been.
There is just so many memories and things that I have accomplished and haven't accomplished on this toon that I want to stay with it and see how far she takes me. This toon, this pally has never been a FOTM kinda toon. No matter what server she is on I think this will remain my main.

Zumhug - My 1st 70 and for the longest my main. A veteran of TBC's 10 mans. He was a capable hunter in Kara and ZA. TBC heroics were on lock down when this guys was at his prime. I still have lots of love for this toon. On Steamwheedle Cartel he was the #20 ranked hunter gear wise at one point. I switched mains shortly after due to the guild I was in needed a tank.
I was never really remarkable at DPS, I just don't get it at a high level like I want to. I always played Survival even TBC and kited, trapped and did what a hunter does aside from putting up big numbers and there was that thing about my pet face pulling bosses too.
There are at total of TWO registered Zumhugs in WoW. There was another warrior a while back but has since disappeared. My pet Noble has been with me since level 43 when I could tame King Bangladesh.

Zasey - I wanted a caster, a herb picker and an alchemist. Priests seemed like the right pick. I heard once you get to 40 its fun and easy to level as shadow. I got to 41 and put her aside. Those stories I heard....were lies!!! I got some BOA gear and went back at her. Casters are fun, PVP is great as a priest and all in all I'm glad this is my clothie. Not huge with the raids but I've managed to welfare her way to 5.2k GS and I like when I do get to raid with her.

Taiten- Its no secret I'm a sucker for Paladins. I leveled Taiten as a pally to help a guild of friends while I was hacked. Yes I go hacked and it took me about 10 days to get my gear and gold back on both my toons I was playing. I started talking to a few in game buddies and the said they needed a player to tank, I told them what was going on and they power leveled me on this toon. I was a level 65 in that 10 days and figured I should stick with it. They helped with gear and then xfered off server. So I had 2 level 80 blood elf pallys. She sits most of the time.

Byka- With the guidance of a really cool blog (pugging pally) I decided to start blog and write about my dealing with a toon on a new server where I didn't know anyone or have any benefits we have in game we all take for granted. I had goals and rules laid out for this toon. While I didn't hit my goal I did follow the rules and overall I guess I was a success. So much so I was taken in buy a 10 xfer guild full of 'leet players and asked to raid lead for another. Not something I was interested in.

Khasey - My Deathnight. Not a huge fan of Dk's but I needed a farmer before Cataclysm so I figured I'd level one and have a source of income with it. Not a bad class and kinda fun to tank with.

Khasey in BOA's.