Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My journey thru WoW pt1

The unfinished story....

A start-

I began playing on a whim. I worked w/a few guys who played and was suggested to play on my old server. I didn't know anything about the game, AT A L L!

I chose a hunter, leveled fast and was a NOOB! Big time! I didn't know how to trap/kite/or play a hunter. I found a guild that was willing to teach me. I made some huge effe ups. My first time in kara I was trapping the Ret pally on Morose fight and we wiped 9 times. I fell in love with raiding at that moment. It was pretty sad, I was so happy to be there I didn't even understand that we actually ran out of Kara with mobs chasing us...lol

Take a beating-

I was a good hunter, maybe great. I still didn't keybind but I could trap/kite and CC multi mobs. I really liked raiding. We were a small guild and our healers SUCKED. In TBC you had 2 options in a 10 man guild and we were in Kara all the time. ZA was a bit to much for us.

We needed a tank, a tank that wasn't burnt and someone who could be online to tank. Our GL was a tank but was so burnt and loved his hunter. Our other tank, well he was a flake and young...he hated tanking. We had a guy in guild buy another guildies toon to tank and he sucked, BAD.

I had a level 7 pally and said one day....I'm going to roll a tank. I was tired of our tanks being "burnt" tanking. I had a level 14 warrior too but I figured I could heal or tank as a pally and that would help the guild.

At this time we got a Warrior and a priest join the guild and I thought maybe I can play my hunter, but I was already falling for the pally. Leveling as a Pally (Prot) in 2.3 was brutal to say the least. I did what I needed to for rep to make this a raid toon as soon as I hit 70. I had gear ready and learned how to pally tank.
Getting the call-

At level 69 I was in SMV leveling, and my GL says, we need a tank tonite. LOL I say, I'm not ready to hit 70 yet. His reply "you can get into kara at 68, be ready".
I'm tanking Kara at 69, not getting any XP and getting killed in aggro and by the mobs. But I L O V E it! The attempted to let me tank the Prince but that was, um fail. I off healed but we got him. Our DPS was a bit ahead of me so learning aggro management was a big thing for me. Yes we had Salv but that wasn't enough then. Looking back, what I have learned since then....just WOW.

From then on I was set on becoming the best I could be. The guild was patient with me and I was becoming nicely geared. Be it crafted or drops I had some luck and wouldn't you know it, the best tanking weapon in BC (pre-bt) was the Merciless Gladiator PVP mace, which I got. We switched off tanking duties alot in TBC but I really enjoyed tanking.

XPAC looming-

So we made the treck into ZA, I MT the bear boss and bird boss, to which we got down that day. No tanking loot dropped but pallys could do it and we were doing ok. During this time I had collected a nice set of healy gear. A really nice set and in fact due to my computer I could heal better than raid tank (Laptop) and I was known as a healer. I healed almost every raid pre-nerf before Wrath hit. I hated it but I was raiding. MT Hyjal made me LAG so bad I know I could never be MT.

Due to some in guild drama and RL (not mine) drama the guild I came up in fell apart. I had good friends in the guild so we started a new guild. We were excited that Wrath was going to allow 10 and 25 man raids. We went into the patch fully ready to advance as a guild. I had a few other offers to tank or heal but wanted to stay with friends.

The new Computer-
Right after wrath hit I got a new computer and was more set to tank than ever. I had the reputation as being heals and it took some work to become know as a tank. We had a smaller server and the number 3 guild on server needed a tank...I applied and went guns ablazing, but it fell thru fast. They were tank heavy and due to Wrath coming out a few that "left" the game came back so I bowed out and went out as a free agent for a bit. It really took a while to get out of the "healer" label that I had on me and in fact some still know me as a healer.
More later....
Also I'm still working on Byka and getting her into ICC 10.

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