Monday, August 22, 2011

Farewll to a few

This is sort of an odd post but seeing as I don't play a whole lot at the moment and don't have in game news or insight to what is really going on. I wanted to take a minute to say good bye to a guild I don't really know but that has been a major source of entrainment and laughs in my playing of this game.

In fact, I was in a guild and had a pretty good in game friend that used one of Sebudai's quotes every raid. I no longer talk to that guy but any time I see the below picture or anything that resembles one of these quotes, he pops to mind. So I guess this post has a tad of duality to it. Goodbye to Juggernaut and Skreebo.

The reason I write about this is, Juggernaut of Mal' Ganis was a top 5 guild in the world at one point. The recently stopped raiding, recruiting and to the best of my knowledge lost most of their members. I've sent an in game mail to Sebudai to see what happened but I got no response. I know guilds come and go, but this leaves me wondering how many long time, vanilla guilds have split apart during Cataclysm and the lack of content?

I think my very favorite one is:
It's not rocket surgery
but I still giggle like a school girl every time I read:

As a guild we struggle with these mobility fights, I'm not sure why we do.If you need practice jumping then you can go find a cliff and jump off it or something. 

In other happenings:

4.2.2 seems to be flying upon us meaning 4.3 is close. It seems this Xpcac has gone by very fast.  I'm pretty interested in the extra bank storage but I don't like that you lose all the gems and enchants. And you can bet your bottom dollar I will be rocking the T6 look all the time! and my hunter will be in T4. I'm pretty excited for these changes.

Thank you to those who congratulated me for my one year as a blogger. For some reason I can not sign in to respond to posts. Odd!

I'd also like to say goodbye to the guy who invited me into the guild. He was my tanking partner and a very knowledgeable guy. I've tanked with some good tanks, knowledgeable people and people who care about the guild. But Life had the best grasp of three at the same time. He always did his home work, had his gear perfect and without being an officer he ran just about everything within the guild and didn't complain. He had to for personal reasons leave the game for an undetermined amount of time. I'm sad to seem him go, with him went his RL friends which wasn't a shock but it took a pretty geared healer and a fill in raider.

Life take care buddy.

To my readers, I will try and post up some more stuff soon. This summer has been SOOOO busy?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DK Solo's LK!!!

This is a solid video about a DK soloing a end tier boss. I'd say the pinnacle of Wrath raiding but Ulduar and Yogg would have something very loud to say about that.

Take a look and enjoy the video. The DK that did this is in 391 gear and is a master at soloing bosses.

Overall nice work and I'm truly envious...well done!

LK's main challenges are:
  • 1) Practice of cooldown usage in p1. They're used *very* strictly and if you don't have that practice, you'll probably wipe in p1 endlessly (which is what I initially did)
  • 2) surviving transition phases. This is insane and requires, again, extremely precise cooldown management and positioning.
  • 3) Finally, the obvious DPS race. This fight lasted an exact 15 minutes, not a single second more or less - I spent the whole evening wiping between 11 and 12% and finally, finally did it, through more Vengeance stacking and better play on my part (oh .. and maybe a lil bit crit RNG I guess? :p).
  • Necrotic Plague : cannot target the tank. You need it to clear the ghouls/vrykuls from phase 1, however. The trick is to put an engineer dummy to drop aggro for a split second, LK gives you the plague, outheal it, then proceed. Use either AMS/Chains of Ice or Potion of Purification to remove it/prevent it from affecting you again.
  • Valks : Buggy as hell. Can't target the tank, they just mess around. They finally stop eating popcorn and grab me at some point... you'll have to watch to see when.
  • Defile : I stand in some of these on purpose in order to increase Vengeance. It has to be done very carefully, since both p2 and p3 are very healing intensive phases (p2 because of Infest which means I can't dip too low on health, p3 because of vile spirit explosions)
  • Frostmourne: Yet another mechanic that doesn't target the tank. Wouldn't be difficult to overcome in any way whatsoever, but would make beating the enrage impossible, so I guess that's a good thing it's not there.
Source and source

Nice work!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Yesterday was the blogs 1st birthday. Its been a bumpy and eventful year. Life has been just tremendously hectic and I am sorry I haven't been updating or posting alot lately. Soon that will change.

This Blog has taken me to a different realm, watched me FINALLY kill the LK after 5 months of trying, watched at least 4 guilds fall apart, seen a computer go bye bye, countless people I was close with stop playing and a new xpac come out. All it all in game life has been almost as eventful for my toons as for me in real life.

I'd like to take a minute to thank:
My guild - a good group of people, I ejoy playing with these guys it makes raiding fun.
Bloggers: Goodbye to some of the greats we have seen go. Wrathy, Honor, tanking tips and Tegen, you guys kicked off my need to write about something I am at times very passionate about.
The new blogs who continue to explode on the scene with great ideas and a wealth of info.
And lets not forget the writers who still inspire me daily - Rhidach, Argus, the Bossy Pally and Manalious. Oh and then there is the trio at sacred duty who fill all of us with the knowledge to be better, make us strive to be great and make sure our shit is gemmed, spec'd and enchanted the right way. If there was anyone I missed or forgot...I'm sorry. The blogging community as a whole is almost as amazing as my great guild. my family for allowing me this hobby and giving me the time to play a game.
Thanks to all that have read my blog. I really like to write, I'm not great at it but this gives me a chance to allow my voice to matter a bit more. I'll be back posting info and babble soon.

Here's to another year....hopefully a great year!