Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tanking Adventures 73

Stats for level 73
Instances entered: 95
Damage taken: 20,007,735
Deaths: 42
Health: 14,533
Def: 484

It was a fast level. It felt like it took forever but it was fast. As you can see I tanked alot by the damage I took and the 5 mans entered. I finished up the quests from the Wrathgate area, got to revered with Valiance Expedition. I can buy the shield now but...its a level 78 which really does me no good.

I ran nexus alot, which is getting boring. Most of Wrath is to be honest. This has been fun so I'm ok I guess. I found a group on my realm or a couple people anyway and I ran about 4 in a row where I had no health issues and in fact I don't seem to have many issues with healers making my health bar DING when it gets low. I have only been crit a few times and I try to make my avoidance count.

The last group I ran with before I hit level 74 was bad, really bad. Not bad players but new! They didn't do anything right and made me and the healers job a tad harder. It wasn't something that can't be overcome but playing with people like this make you appreciate the good or let me rephrase that, smarter players.

I got three upgrades as I leveled to 74, all of them crafted and it only cost me 25g for tip. I got the Tempered Saronite Belt , the Tempered Saronite Legplates and the Jade Ring of Slaying I put a perfect cut 14 def gem in the slot. All of them were a big upgrade.

On a side note, if anyone can tell me how to ling a viewable drop down item instead of a redirect that would be awesome. I tried but can't seem to figure it out.

Looking for banner help as well, so if you can help me with either of the two, shoot me an email at Judgingchasey@gmail.com


Monday, August 30, 2010

Tanking Adventures 72

It went fast...

Stats for level 72:
Instances entered: 86
Damage taken: 17,815,982
Deaths: 42
Health: 13921
Def: 480

My Instances entered are lower due to me questing and doing the Wrathgate quest line for most of this level. I quested for the gold and I really wanted to see Wrathgate on the Alliance side. I then got to jump into the battle of the Undercity.

I'll give my two cents on this: The Horde side is better. I like the lore but after seeing both of them, Horde felt different and what was wrong with Varian Wrynn. It ended poorly. Why would any leader without backing and having been invited by the opposite factions leader to defend and take retribution against the death of his man at Wrathgate, then decide to take violent action against that leader who had backing (troops) and another faction leader with him? It just made zero sense. On the game front, I'm glad I did it and glad I seen both sides. If you haven't seen the Horde side, and you at all like lore check it out.

I only did two 5 mans. The first was simple, good group and very fast. The DPS was crazy good for 71ish people. I was last in DPS for the 1st time and I did 900 DPS. Not bad.

I was pretty tired, almost finished with Wrathgate and wanted to break it up and jump into a instance before I logged. I got AN! Cool, finally a chance of getting gear for me. The ring off of Anub is pretty nice. It would fix up my def issues I'm having now.

The group was ok, the run did go smooth and you could see that everyone had done AN before be it heroic or regular. Seemed to be a bit of AFK's in this one but nothing to long. Last boss went down, kill was smooth and the tanking ring dropped. And guess what....The Warrior rolled Need on it. Before I rolled, I asked him if he really rolled need on a tanking ring...here was his reply:

Needless to say I was a bit perturbed by this and more so by his answer! He didn't feel like tanking but he is still going to roll on a tanking piece?

I don't get this, I understand it but he didn't even ask, "Hey do you need that?" he felt entitled to this. This is a issue with how some people view life in general. His stance on this was, "I don't wanna do whats needed but I'm entitled."

This is not the first time this has happened to me nor is it a really bad attempt at a ninja. What really gets me and the reason I'm putting as much into this as I am, is this:

Don't rub your eyes, yes this guy rolled a toon on my server and to tell me I was the childish one for asking why he tried to ninja loot. Yes, he took time out of his play time to tell me I was QQ'n for asking why he did this.

I asked him if "You mad bro?" but he had logged off already.

This may seem like I'm bitter or over reacting but remember this is in part to give my thoughts and let others know what I've seen as I level a new toon on a fresh server with only my knowledge of the class and toon.

Good news in all this: I won the ring! What an upgrade for me, a real tanking ring. I think this is what angered him a ton. I'll just finish this by saying, loot is loot. It will drop again. If you are going to roll on something you really want, either play that spec or ask the other if you can roll on it. This game even being played on a computer still takes human contact either via type, chat or other. I would love to see more courtesy in game. Everyone plays their roll, they should have a better chance at getting loot for that roll.

I joined a new guild, the one I was in was a ghost town. No on had been online for over a week. The new guild has a crazy name and seems to be more populated with players of all levels. I hope it stays this way.

Tanking Adventures 71

Oh what a great level...

Stats for level 71:
Instances entered: 84
Damage taken: 15,587,502
Deaths: 40
Stam: 13500 unbuffed
Def: 477 (its dropped a bunch but I am not cap for my level)

Sorry for the few days without a post, some real life time was needed.

For the most part the level went by pretty fast. I did make one error in judgement or I guess you could say I broke a rule. I was leveling JC and got to the point were I could cut JC meta gems. I was excited and very tired. I Talked to the JC, got the quest and it lit up yellow, I clicked him again...got my 1st token and turned it in for a dragons eye. So I logged to my banker and bought a broken necklace and powder to get the recipe for solid dragon eye and put the new stam gem in my belt.

This goes against my rules due to spending the gold. It wasn't a priority and wasn't a make or break upgrade. Yes its very cool to have that gem but I could have waited, I guess this comes down to being excited and playing way to much.  Taking the weekend off helped and due to more real life things, I will probably have to cut back a bit but...I will have time to hit 80 and some decent gear.

I have really tried to quest a bit, I want to do the Alliance side Wrathgate quest line and I tried to solo Kreug Oathbreaker the 5 player elite quest. He killed me a few times. The stuns he did really ate my healt huge. I will give the solo part of those Wanted: quests in Dragonblight for now.

I have noticed a few things as I level. UK tends to be harder for level 68-71's than it is in heroic. All the bosses seem to be more of a challenge. That's kinda shocking because, well most TBC instances are tougher than UK.

I do have a great story to tell about level 72 instace I just did but that will be told in the next day or two. I only want to ask one question, why do none tanks roll on tanking gear and then say, I have a dual spec?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tanking Adventures Level 70

Well, 11minutes ago on the play time clock I got the big DING on the 70 clock. I ported to IF and trained, headed to the mail box and grabbed my new set of gear.

The Cobalt Clad Holy Warrior-

As I began to apply piece after piece of gear I noticed something, my defense was climbing and so were my other stats. My avoidance is pretty stellar. My HP's are decent and I'm uncrittable with the Cobalt Shoulders on. I'm really close to that level with my BOA shoulders on. The stats on my BOA shoulders are so much better I don't know if being at 488 (2 points under crittable) is worth not having that extra 10% Xp I gain wearing them. I guess my healer and my DPS in the run will dictate that.

My stats unbuffed with out the Cobalt shoulders are:
13979 Armor
488 Def
17.86% dodge
14.86% parry
10.44% block (480 BV)
12,212 HP

I can't believe how good this set is really. I entered Wrath with my other pally in T4/T5 and Isle badge gear. Yes my stats were good and I had them all socketed w/the best there was, but I don't think my numbers were much better. Not by a ton anyway.

The Goals-

To put pen to paper, so to speak and just keep myself with in limits here is my plan from 70-80 and beyond.
- I want as much gold as possible when I hit 80, as this won't really be a raiding toon til Cata but I want a solid start once Cata starts.
-I am at a bit of a disadvantage, I don't know anyone on this server, its a new world to me and TBH reading trade while doing banking, this isn't a very inviting server to new players.
-I want to make it into a raiding guild that fits my schedule/style/skill level.
-I don't see Cata being released really soon, I have time to do what I want at my pace, including getting to 80 with this toon and setting up a DK to help me farm other mats in cata (ugh that means messing around with another dk)
-I don't know if its possible but I want to see the Sauerfang ICC 10/25 lore before the fight. I should be able to get in there. Depending on how much I grind badges.

The Plans-

-No gems that I can't cut. I'm JC and a miner. I need to plan ahead on newer gear to be at the JC skill to cut what I need.
-No Armor that isn't craftable. That is cryptic tired talk for, farm what you need. Don't buy it, unless you have to.
-Keep the enchants to the bare minimum. If I need it to stay around uncrittable, buy it but....it doesn't need to be the best. Armor kits will and can do.
-Save all the GOLD you can.

Where at-

-I plan on leveling in 5 mans as much as I can. I have noticed that real gold comes from questing so I need to do that as much as possible.
-As soon as I can I need to get to the Argent rep area. I need the head enchant and the legs are still pretty good.
-ToC normal at level 78 is also going to be on my to do list. Blackheart is a must as are the dailies to bring up my gold and rep, I really want to ride a ram.
-At level 75, I will be in sholzar basin to farm and do the quests there.
-I want to do the allinace side wrathgate quest line as well.

I will log all my up-to-date stories and upgrades to let you all see this. I'm looking forward to this project. It will keep me out of the in-game-boredem I'm feeling on my main.

So every day or two I'll post up my level, stats, stories and maybe I'll jump in on Beta tester talk as well.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tanking adventure 69

Please read level 68 below this. It was a fast level and had a very memorable instance in it. I broke this up due to the length of these 2 stories.

Well, I hit level 70, 11 minutes ago on the play clock. My adventures are from the very end of level 67 and ending on my last run in UP with about 4% to level to 70.

Level: 70 (11 minutes into the level.)
Instance entered: 74
Damage taken: 10,917,578
Deaths: 35

On to level 69...

I finished off 68 with quests and a few randoms. I hoped 69 would be better.

I couldn't get back into Shattered Halls, no healers that level. So I just did randoms. OMG Settek Halls all night long.

I think total I ran it four times. Only two stand out:

DK meatshield

I que as tank, zone in to fighting and a DK is tanking a ton of shit! Mobs are everywhere. No one says hi, the DK just keeps pulling. Five pulls later, he says "sorry, go head and tank, I just got carried away". I said, I qued as tank, if you wanna do it, by all means, go for it.

The lock in the group is pulling off DK alot, I would taunt and grab that mob. I OT'd. The Dk says:
"Lock, stop being bad and control your pet".
The rest of the run is smooth, and well...the DK actually did a good job.

Oh my, I'm a pally.

Lower level group, I had just finished tanking shattered halls, I took some huge shots there so I know what kinda of damage the toon could take. I pulled fast and said what I say to every healer, "please let me know when you want mana" as I have found out, healers are funny about mana, some like to stay topped off, some run about 50% and don't care.

This group, we had a pally healer that was, um....rusty. I stayed alive but that was barely and the others didn't. The group was slow, I requested they kill the totems fast and well, they didn't, they chose route 2, kill the person that is MC'd....lol This caused some irritation in the group. We had a DK that was really new to the game, I told him 3x's please take off frost, he told me he like the extra HP's. The mage, who had died a few times to the DK on the mind controls, told him he sucked and to learn his class before he wasted others time. He took off frost then.

All in all, it was a bad group, and right after my dealings with Mr. 'Lockstar, I was a tad shaken as a tank, and wondering why the hell I play this game some times. Not because I don't think I can't tank, but was tonight just a night where I should be questing and allowing the players who think they know, but don't understand all log on and say...you are bad....I'm a DK still in starting zone gear at level 67 cause its blue and greens suck.

When we got to the boss, I asked like I always do, "does everyone know this boss"? We got 2 no's! Brilliant. I give the, "when he starts to cast 'arcane' run behind the pillar and out of LOS". I get a why? from the DK. "Just do it please or you will die".

Pull the boss, get good aggro, switch to seal of wis so I have mana and he ports to the pillar area, and begins to cast! Healer and DK die! Me the mage and a hunter alive. He is well over half, I have no mana and its going to be a wipe! Again, what do I do....

Seal of light, judge light and hope for the best, cast again, Mage and Hunter are now dead!
Me vs. Talon King Ikiss, I'm a level 69...I'm going to die, but


I have my forbearance cooldown and potion still, He begins to cast arcane again, I run around a pole and bandage. 480 per tick x's 4....NICE. Back to the boss, I'm kiting, to allow the dots on him to tick his health away and I won't take damage. I'm playing ring around the pillar. Dots all gone and I must face my fate.

He hits me hard! Crits me and I'm out of mana, almost out of health. What do I do? I LoH of course. I have full health and no mana! He either misses me or hits me, no dodges, parry's or block's. The RNG gods are against me. No mana and watching my health tick away. He is going to kill be and all I can do is white swing. I look down and I have a mana pot I can take. Do I do that or take a health pot? Go mana at least I can heal or do something offensively.
Mid fight
Right after fight

So I did it, I basically solo'd a final boss in a level 67 instance. Point I guess I'm trying to make is, I used my tools and got a bit lucky but I refused to give up.

I killed the boss, I did my job and avoided damage that I could and made "the GROUP" a success.

It was out of stubbornness, and not wanting to lose this fight. It felt good, one of the reasons people want to tank. To be the groups wiping post! and the pace setter. No this isn't a huge feat but I can tell you, I will never, ever forget this fight. It will go down as one of my iconic fights in my wow playing time.

My add-on says I'm level 68 in those pictures, but I know I was 69...I left outlands right afterwards and headed to Borean Tundra. I wanted to try my hand at Utgarde Keep.

The damage was severe

I pulled slow, just putting a DK thru UK a few times I know that the stuns were harsh on a tank. I'm crittable at this point. My group is all below 70. I have a druid healer and I can say, this is the 1st time I've ever seen a druid run OOM as a healer. He kept me alive but he used every trick in the book. But we did it, no wipes. Lots of scary moments and we had a great boomchicken who knew when to knock back.

Second time thru was not such a great thing. We never completed it. The healer took a bunch of AFK's and couldn't keep anyone alive on the last boss. He admitted, it was his brothers toon.

The group fell apart after the 3rd wipe, I had to grind a few quests to hit 70 and then I logged, I needed a break...

In the coming days, I will lay out the plan for my goals for getting to 80, and my plans once I hit 80. I also hope to start a guild bank guild named Judging Chasey on Lightbringer. We will see how this goes, stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tanking Adventures 68

I am leveling so fast.

I logged on last nite at level 67, I was about 10% from leveling. I was finishing up my Nagrand quests and wanted to que for Shattered Halls, the people this level seem few and far between as they all head to the NE and the "good gear". I figured it would take me long enough in que that I would ding 68 before it popped.

I was wrong.

We zoned into the Halls and I was a bit nervous! The mobs are already running at you and the screaming starts. I buffed and told the group, I'm going to pull all the way to the end of the 1st hall or they keep coming until you kill them, so target my target and kill them quick. We had the 2 guards left, and a few more mobs had spawned but we were doing ok and the healer goes OOM and leaves party....OMG! We wipe and the group kinda laughs about this but everyone stays and a new healer pops before we all zone in. I had no business at level 67 tanking this, being crittable and the 7-9 pulls you get but we are moving along fine. We need to stop after every pull to allow the 69 priest some mana as she is blowing thru it fast but we are doing ok.

We get to the 1st boss, down it slowly due to the rogue standing in the bad stuff on the ground. But as the 1st boss died, the rogue was off line, we said we would wait a few minutes, cause the group was good. Well he didn't come back. So he was booted.

In comes the lockstar who had no grasp of English. I was a level 67 tank with 1% to ding, he is a level 70 lock in TBC blue pvp gear.  On our 1st pull after the 1st boss died, we have the huge 9 pull I think it is, with the mobs that are fighting on the sides. There is little room for error and I don't have the avoidance or health to survive 13+ mobs. As it is the healer is drinking after every pull. Well I get the 1st group, hitting the main guy and 1 caster and going LOS. The 'lockstar decided to pull the 2 door guards and we had a few summoned adds, I did ok grabbing every mob, keeping alive, and even controlling the casters to keep them on me. Instead of AOE'n the huge pack of mobs I have he decides to target a summoned add that went right to him, and what does the guy do? What does every lock star do, FEAR and AOE fear. OMG mobs are everywhere! I keep the crowd under control and there is minimal damage to the rest of the crowd and THANKFULLY he didn't pull the side pack.

Me to 'lockstar: "plz don't fear"
'lockstar: u keep aggro on ur mobs!
Me: you face pulled and the feared, if you target my mob or AOE the main pack, you'll be ok.
Me: and don't face pull again, no one was ready for that.
'lockstar: u not doing a good job n he (meaning imp) pulled those.
Me: Its your imp, control it.

BTW I'm still a level 67 and he is a 70, I feel I was doing a really good job on aggro and keeping alive.

Ding 68!

The rest of the big pulls went ok, including the side pulls. On the second boss, I newb'd it up and said, blow your CD's before he MC's us. And after this there is rogues, they will stun me, just keep them off healer. I'll grab them as soon as I can.

Well, on normal, Boss doesn't MC and we down him w/o a hitch.

On to last hall, I get stunned by a rogue, I pop every man for himself and another rogue gets me, what does 'lockstar do? What does every 'lockstar do? FEAR, pulling the dog pat, another rogue and then sends his void after the feared rogue, pulling the next rogue. I finally get myself under control and the mobs as well, we had a good dk that really helped the group. No wipe, I died thou.

Me: PLZ do NOT fear!
'lockstar: stop losing aggro!
Me: eff off, I was sapped
group: Be nice, this is going ok so far.
'lockstar: dis nat muh 1st time here, i know what to do.

He proceeds to run down the hall and grab the last few rogues and dies. He chimes in saying: see, I know what I doing find all mobs!

Before we get to the final boss, 'lockstar says: 2 mins, wait. We were waiting on the lighwell the priest popped, he was thinking this will save us.

I say, when the fight starts, please run past me and behind where to boss is now. The 'lockstar face pulls the boss! *facepalm* I run in grab boss, and say in type: Run behind me, well...a rogue and a add got our healer, the boss is at 80% and that rogue got the 'lockstar too, I did get the add as well. We have no healer and I'm dinging "low health".

What do we do...

I go into defensive mode, me the DK and a hunter are left. I put on Seal of Light, start judging light and wait til I need to further make a decision. I have three options here, 1/2 bubble, bubble or LoH. I have great aggro at this point, almost no health and mobs running around. Boss leaves me, does his charge and kills the hunter. Me and the DK left.

I'm about 45% health, boss is at 65% but I've got 2 adds and boss on me, if I bubble and heal, the DK is dead. If I half bubble, I still take damage and I'll have no heals or mana. I chose to wait til the last second to LoH. And that is the choice I make. Long story short, we got the boss! LoH worked, it was a great choice. I still had to take a mana pot to keep aggro and try and kill the boss before he killed me.

'lockstar: why u not get rogues?
me: you are an idiot, you face pulled and didn't listen to the "stand behind where boss is now"
'lockstar: I didn't think adds would do that much damage

I qued a few more times at level 68, got some training and finished my quest.
On to level 69...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tanking Adventures 66

Well, I've changed it up a bit. Due to not playing the DK and concentrating on the lil pally. I know sooner or later I'll grab the DK again and level it but the goal is the Alliance pally.

I slowed down the leveling due to JC and spent the last few days recouping some gold. I did do the first few Nagrand Nessingway quests and I'm working on the reps that I want. I really like the Honor Hold tabard and the tanking trinket.

So on to tanking...

I have spent a ton of time in Mana Tombs, I didn't get UB and SP to much. As we speak I'm level 67 and have que'd for 65 dungeons. Not bad and its fun. I have not run into many bad players at the upper level 60's so maybe they are figuring out how to play the toons. I've noticed less DK's in my groups.

I'm kinda sad, the Outlands seem to be flying by, I really love the instances, the way they are set up and the pulls. No there still isn't any CC but you have to pull LOS at times, watch pats and keep an eye on the casters. Mana is an issue but threat is never, ever an issue. Mobs stun, fear and silence you. I understand now a bit more how the Heroics were actually Heroic. Wrath Heroics are joke like compared to even normals in BC.

I have maid the choice to stay in Outlands til 70. I know its not the best XP but OMG I don't wanna be stuck in UP for 4 levels. I want to hit a few of the higher level Outland places too.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A mount by any other name...

There are some things in game that are rare, some that are amazing and some truly make you stop what you are doing and look for a second to say...WOW, that's amazing.

I'm sure the first few times you seen the Ashes of Alar mount flying around Shatt or Dal you had that feeling. Its truly an amazing mount and well, you don't see very many people in game with them. Its rare and you know when you see on that its special. At least in the context of the game, this mount is a thing of pride.

So on to my point, Blizz has announced that they will be releasing a version of this mount via the guild rep vendor. Yes you will need the reputation, and gold to do this but did they have to do that with this specific mount? I mean, this is a one of a kind mount in game, and doing a bit of research there is  some meaning behind this. It seems that a young man that was pretty sick, used his Make-A-Wish, wish to visit the good folks at Blizz. He wanted to meet the team that put this game together that meant so much to him. Blizz does do special things in game for people all the time.

I don't think however this should be the model they copy off of for something so unique. The Dark Phoenix mount now, will have a different skin and name but the look is the same and well, to me it detracts from the specialness of Ashes. You only need to do some dailies and stay in your guild to get this as the guild mount.

To be honest I'm not a huge mount guy. I do have the Ironbound proto drake from Ulduar 10 and the 50 mount achievement. I never went to Blizz's store and purchased the spectral BOA mount either. I feel that maybe a mount should remain special. For the longest time I only had 1 flying mount on my Chasey. I spent hard earned gold to get that mount too. It took me til almost the release of Uluar to get Epic flying. I had the CoT drake in my bank forever.

I guess I feel like an old man sitting on the steps with his pals and complaining about the change that is about to take place and how the good old days were better but, I don't really see how such a symbol is getting a skin change and being sold to those who want to grind, stay with a guild and have gold stocked up.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tanking Adventures 8-19

I regret to say I have not touched the DK as of late. Real life has been hectic and I am having a ton of fun on the lil pally.

Lil Pally-
This is my first Alliance toon and its on a huge population server.

I don't really have a feel for the battle group yet but there seems to be a TON of DK's running the Outland instances. I know these toons at this point are still pretty fresh and they are learning to play them but....WOW I think DK's feel its thier job to DG a mob to them. Not a caster standing back on a aggro'd healer but any mob they want. I went from confusion to OMG to "you pull it, you tank it" to I'm just laughing. I don't even worry about that mob any more. Unless I see the healer get aggro, I concentrate on the mobs I have pulled and move on.

I have run 50 instance now, just hit level 63 and I'm still in Hellfire. Its one of my favorite zones in game and I really need the exhaulted trinket from the rep vendor. The quests aren't really different from horde, they do have different names thou

I don't have any really bad player stories or abusive stories either. Just the DK's who DG everything to them. I did have one healer who was level 65 who had  trouble keeping me alive so I'm guessing he wasn't paying attention. Oh...he really didn't sit to drink either. He was always low on mana! I'd ask, "do you need mana?" he'd reply..."GO GO GO" All in all, I think that people are really trying to learn how to DPS at the low level 60ish level and they don't care to much on the speed of the instance.

I did get some time in on my Main pally, I raided ICC and I can say, I'm really not liking it any longer. Its not the lack of gear I need or achievements I need but the repetition and total burn out I feeling being in there.

We tried a few hard modes we have either not done or seldom completed. Lady Death Whisper was frustrating and no one was doing what was needed at all. No interrupts, no MD's or Tricks. Aggro swap was horrid and we lost a DPS or two every attempt due to aggro issues. We did do Sauerfang and well, its really easy now. Raiding was cancelled last night due to the long log in times on alot of servers. I could not log on at all, nor could most of our members.

I'm very bored on this toon at this point in the game. Yes I could do loremaster or....whatever but thats not me. I'm not into achievements, I like a challange and well, leveling the Alliance pally is pretty fun.

The beauty of the gems!

Leveling the Alliance pally, I'm getting a chance to fix all the mistakes I made while leveling the 1st pally. I'm not trying to make the new toon a carbon copy but familiarity is a tough habit to break. I did a bit of research on what profession I wanted to take.

I had fallen a bit behind on my herbalism and didn't want to go back and pick flowers to level it up to my where it needed to be. I had been selling all my ore and a good deal of gold on my toon. I also knew, if I got past Outlands without catching up or leveling up I'd be a mess and have to spend a huge amount of gold to level it 1-450.

My choice was to be a miner and JC. They go hand in hand and knowing the profession a bit I knew what I was in for. There are a few hang up points, in between Bronze and Mithril is really expensive as is 285-300 due to the gems. I got really lucky due to the cost of Azerothian diamonds being pretty cheap.

I do recommend if you are going to power level a profession you take a day or two to plan this out and stock some mats. Grab a guide....I used THIS one. I chose that particular guide due to the mat breakdown it offers. I did read all of them thou and seen, what I knew that I was going to have some tough spots.

I'm currently at 320ish and cutting Outland gems as well as mining Outland ore. A huge piece of advice I can give to anyone trying to level at this point is to find a way to get the green quality gems from TBC as they are about 5g each on the AH.

More to come in tanking adventures...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tanking Adventures 8-15

Did alot of leveling so don't have a whole lot to say about instances.

1st things 1st...where did all the good dpsers go. I know that people are still in the leveling process but WOW, seems lots of low dps and absolute bad players. Nothing outrageous but just don't get it. Wrong targeting, face pulls and awfully low DPS. I've have had some good groups too, Nexx and AN have been my instances. No new drops or gear but the XP is all I'm looking for. I'm really not doing well leveling a few different toons. The DK has taken a bit of a back seat.

This goes to my 1st point, I've wiped in AN a few times due to the keepers on the timer are coming before the set I pulled or are fighting die. It has caused a few wipes but people have been really patient and well, we get thru it. I do now know, I don't really like NE instances much.

Lil pally-
Well I'm flying on the levels, I just hit 60 and as of now I'm at 44 instaces entered. I went to the outlands at 59 due to some flying round the world quest turn ins and since it my first alliance toon, I'm kinda trying to see how the alliance quests are. I did the Uther line in EPL.

I did alot of Diremaul and BRD...which I'm not a huge fan of. I had some really good groups there. They actually made it a good. But...I was ready for the Outlands.

I did a few quest in outlands, and jumped in to que. I got ramps and a group that ws on the last boss. I got the YAY! a pally tank. I got to the group the people who did the corpse walk caught up to me. A DK ran up to the 2 mobs right before the flying boss and pulled. He was basically 2 shot, and started yelling to the druid, REZ ME NOW! REZ ME. The druid rez'd him, he taunted the boss and died again. The other DK in the group, DG's a mob to him. I often wonder why DK's have a bad name and well....this is why. As the original guy who pulled, died, rez'd and died again. Started yelling...REZ ME REZ ME QUICK. I had to leave group, with this statement "Just so you know guys DG is a taunt, if you want to tank, please que as a tank in the future" and I left.

I didn't feel like questing so I jumped back in que. I got ramps again, of course. This time it was like butter...so smooth. The healer was saying I'm very easy to heal and started DPS'n. The server went down and I was removed from group. When I got back on I was ported to town.

So que #3! Ramps...(I suspect I'll be there for a bit) again. This time was even better. The healer was keeping me topped off and the dps was really good. At level 59 a Mage did almost as much as some of the 72's my dk is running with. The Mage did close to 600 DPS. Things died, I was taking no damage and we kicked its butt. We all requed and did it again. This time in about 20 mins. Yes that isn't fast per wrath standards but we are level 60's and doing full clears. I have a funny feeling everyone is happy to be away from vanilla and into outlands and the change of scene.

I did after the runs, go spec full prot and got my favorite thing ever! Hammer of the Righteous! I will miss PoJ for now thou. I was running a spec that had 13 points in ret for ever to speed up riding and running while questing and seal of command.  I will see how this works thou as I lose parry and I lose my speed bonus.

Alt Pally-
Well yes I do have 3 pally's now. I do like the class so this one is on a low pop server and I stil have friends there so I keep her there.

I ran a random just because...and I got ToC. It wasn't a very bad group, friendly enough and this toon is a tad on the lower gear side, just barely able to do ICC heroics. Its a different challenge for sure. I'm used to pulling at a different pace on my main and this toon can't take that damage.

The ToC was going ok, kinda buggy like....well ToC is at times. We did the pull after Jousting and it bugged. The second time I noticed that the dps seemed low. I looked and they were all around 3k which is ok for ToC. But Stuff wasn't dying. After the 1st boss died loot took forever but I got Mark of the Relentless  from ToC. After the third boss the Shammy the group, had the away tag above his head I asked the group if they knew what was going on?

At that time, he comes back and says and I quote " I haven't done Sh!t and there isn't anything you guys can do about it, you guys lose!" and I'm walking away with my badges and loot too. He got a few comments thrown at him but WOW. That is kind of despicable. This is the reason that LFG gets a bad name, well this and other things. I guess its our fault for not seeing him do nothing sooner.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tanking adventures 8-13

Things are progressing nicely with both these toons. I do notice how incredibly easy it is to make gold now compared to when I leveled my first toon.

DK- I did two of them. AN and UK

AN was a bugger, it was in fact bugged or probably was. On the watchers before the 1st boss, 2 groups would pull at once. It wiped us twice, the healer left and we got a new one almost right away. The rest of the run went smooth. I pulled in a different order which seemed to fix the error. I got a tanking ring too.

UK *sigh* again...lol I zoned right have first boss. Run went ok, there was a hunter in T4/T5 and badge gear from TBC and that was cool to see. He did good dps. The run was good aside from 2nd boss where the guy runs and charges everyone. I said before the pull, stand on me and he won't charge. No one listens, cause...well no one ever does on that fight.

I find the DK easier to tank with as I get to know the toon more. I'm crittable. I'm trying to fix that but its kinda hard to find the gear. I have the cobalt set but with my CD's its not to bad.

Lil Pally

I'm noticing a trend here. I seem to zone in alot mid pull or mid instance with this toon. I also see that players at this level are kind of unfriendly. Not alot of hello's and people tend to leave mid pull alot. I have been doing Diremaul and well, I hate it. I zoned in one time, the group fell apart so I was stuck waiting to que again.

I did hop in a group w/a priest/mage/warrior (he was prot spec'd and had a shield but que'd as DPS) druid. Group did well, we cleard the whole instace of BRD. Yes, I said we totally cleared BRD. I kinda liked that place. Its big. At the end a really nice cloak fell. It was AGI/Stam and the mage rolled and one. He didn't leave the instance and wanted me and the warrior to roll off and ask him if we could have it. The warrior left so I won by default.

All in all, I'm still enjoying this toon. I'm now level 56 and I've entered 40 instances, so with me not being able to que til level 14 I've almost done one a level.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Know any good tanks?

Do we know them when we see them?

-I was in que for a short time, ICC just hit and I was farming frosties on my alt to get my tanking boots made. As we loaded, it was the normal don't talk, just start pulling. LFG was also new too, so I was seeing different realms all the time. By the time I realized it we were done with the 1st hallway and pulling fast as lightening. I stopped DPS'n to inspect the tank. OMG he is unenchanted and ungemmed. He was in 258 gear and has the healer and another DPS from the same guild with him. At 4 minutes we were at Skaldi and done in 8 minutes.

I tell this story because, as the run went on, I know I was with a good tank or a good player or both. The group was amazing. The tank was the leader! He set the pace and the tone and the group followed.

So is it about leadership?

You have to move the group along, set the pace and motivate where needed via extra effort or a small tell saying "hold back for a second". No one moves past you in a raid or dungeon. There is alot on the tanks plate when working with a team via 5 man or raid. Mana issues, aggro and cool down management to name a few plus you have the others so they are following your guidelines on staying behind you and not pulling mobs for you. I've heard the sporting analogy of "the tank is the quarterback of the raid" and I guess you can say that to an extent.

Oh but I also forgot another key thing, you need patience! And a ton of it!

Is it about respect or trust?

What a loaded question! I will talk about both sides of my head with this one. Both. You don't as a guildie or raider need to like the person playing the toon, but you do have to trust him but not respect him for whatever reason. You have to know that he will do his job and like clockwork be ready to play that toon if sh!t hits the fan. You don't look upon your tank the C.E.O of the company but they are the foundation of the raid. Bad tank, poor aggro or wrong gear and its a wipe.

Respect in each other.
There is a certain amount of respect that must be levied upon any tank be it pug in a 5 man or raid. If there isn't its a quick tell saying, we need to replace you or a vote kick in the heroic.

Easily Rreplaceable?

Well, once again Wrath is a different beast. In TBC or Vanilla it was impossible to replace a tank mid progression tier. Wrath we have dual specs and lots of epics flowing around. But... even with that gear that is flowing around and swapping out your main spec to help the raid. Is that continuity? Does that always work? Not really. People want to go back to their main spec or toon and that trust factor might be gone with the old tank that left/quit.

In fact its hard to replace a tank as a guild. The reason you don't see tons of LF Tank on the forums or trade is because there is a fit or balance that guilds have with the tanks they have, there is not a ton of tanks needed and there is an investment that is unspoken between a tank and a guild. Tanks usually get gear priority, fair or not.

But what really makes the tank good?

With all this said above, what is it that seperates the good from the great? The lets pass him to OMG did you see what they just did?

  • The know the toon. They know how to spec, gem and glyph. They min/max and do everything for that toon that needs to be done.
  • They have an understanding of the raid set up and can read whats going to happen with the raiders.
  • They know boss/trash mechanics. Use of abilities and can manage cooldowns. IE bop/salv a dps that has hit a string of crits early.
  • They put some work into the game, by reading and watching encounters and hitting the training dummies.
  • They limit mistakes, see other mistakes and adjust.
  • They are allowed to fix problems and make comments that will fix whatever it was that caused the wipe.

Tanking adventures... Aug 12th

Well, RL gets in the way sometimes. I will try to keep this up to date as much as possible.


Hit level 72 tonite. I've only tanked a few instaces lately with the DK. I'm really tired of UK and Nexx. I do have to say, the DPS is really really low. I think I mentioned this before, but TBC 70's did alot better dps with worse talents. I had a lock tonite do 238dps! So after the daily random today, I quested a bit and hit 72. The last few days I just went to SB and farmed ore.

Lil Pally-

I'm having fun on this toon big time. I think I've done about 40% instace 60% quests. I have SA now and holy shield. I take no damage get mana back too. 99% of the poeple I've met/ran with are easy to deal with, play well and enjoy leveling a new toon. I did tonite have a hunter in the midst of a pull, decied to grab a back of 6 which ran right to the healer. I hate that corpse run in BRD...lol

I will say that leveling two toons at the same time is tiring and hard. Neither gets the attention you want to give them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make gold a different way.

I used to do this all the time. I guess with the ton of dailies and other ways in game to make gold now. I was  making my rounds on the gold strat sites and this one rang a bell. Anaalius's blog gave me motivation to do this again.

I went and seen my old friend here and a ton of others, making my way around Outland's vendor getting cooking recipes, crafting plans and pets. All in all I spent 40 mins and 239g.

Its been 5 days now and everything has sold. I made over 450g and didn't do much but go reminisce about the days in TBC and what fun I had in the spot I was buying from. Next week I may do the same thing.

Yes there are faster ways to turn gold over playing the AH at this stage in Wrath but this is a fun and interesting way to enjoy a part of the game I miss.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tanking adventures 8-8


Group Me/priest/warrior/hunter/druid

Well, back to UK today. Just as I thought I escaped it...

Warrior did great DPS but was a recount spammer. No problems til second boss, right before second boss, priest says, "so sorry I have to go" new heals comes in, it's a level 69 priest. I think it was a bot. He didn't respond to any comments or questions and would not buff us. The warrior died on the second boss and was QQ'n the rest of the run, if he had Fort he might have lived. I got a simple 54stam Fort before the last boss. Priest finally says, don't worry about buffs, tank has fort! The group kind of was taken aback by that. I just said "it takes no effort, costs you nothing and helps you heal do to the extra health you get to work with".
Killed boss fast and easy. Healer almost died to smash. I looked he had 45 health left. Good thing he used Fort on himself...lol

What are your thoughts on leveling buffs?

Lil Pally

Group: Me/priest/hunter/Shammy (level 53) and lock.

We got Sunken Temple. The shammy was huge dps in this run and I was pretty happy I was able to hold aggro most of the time. As long as he was on my mob I did ok. He knew the instance well it went off w/o a snag. I only did one today on the lil pally. I wish all groups could be this smooth. Everyone had to leave but all in all it was a good group.

I do like leveling a paladin when you have good groups. I still have an issue with the mana return. I drink more than the healers. The lack of "other attacks: is bothersome too but I did do something I've never done before with this one. Due to the way you have to spec to advance in a tree, I took Reckoning!
I was always hard on this talent and I must say I have a different opinion about it now. To solo it is great, in an instance its extra aggro coupled w/seal of command. More to come on this talent as I level this toon.

I did sell my epic pet drop! I have huge money on a low level toon. I've never been in that position before.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tank adventures 8-6

Group was a Me, druid heals, dps dk, shammy and hunter.

I was so happy, I got to run Nexus, finally I'm out of UK full time. I hit level 71 and had a group in mid fight when I zoned in. Group says last tank just left, I seen why after 1st pull. Really low dps. Got to 1st boss and it took like it felt like 5 minutes to down her. The adds were up so long it was crazy I used DG twice per split phase. Next pull after boss I was frozen and pat was face pull (probably my fault) but I couldn't taunt and we wiped. Heals left and so did the DK. I wanted to stick it up and they were replaced quickly w/some solid dps. Ret pally was level 70 and doing 1300 dps. I was pulling fast and the priest heals was keeping me full bar health. As we finished the 2nd boss the hunter got lost and kept screaming for a rez. He rez'd himself, caught back up to us and got lost again. Died and he was vote kicked. A boomchicken replaced him. The rest of the run was smooth til last boss when the boom did 300 dps. All in all it was fun and I was glad to get out of UK.

I guess the only question I have is how do you get lost 2x's especially in Nexus?

Lil pally

Multi runs and multi levels.

No issues at all. I can not stress enough how hard it is to tank at low level with out a mana return mechanic. WOW, no SA really makes it hard and yes, I do have Sanc but unless I have more than 3 mobs things die to fast to really have mana replenished that way. The lack of attacks is boring too but all in all I'm having more fun tanking while leveling this pally than I did with my main. Leveling goes fast too due to pulling mobs from everywhere.
Got the epic Parrot Cage to drop too. Never seen that drop before but I still haven't sold it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tanking adventures 8/2-/8-5

I'll touch on this briefly. Nothing really grand has happened.
Just hit level 71 so maybe now I can get out of UK. I like the instance but I think I've run it 9 times in a row. Its boring. You can at this level see who is new to the game or not really a max/min type player and who understands whats going on. From healers to dps.

Remember at level 70 (tbc max level) good players in T4/badge gear could hit 1100dps, and NE gear is supposed to be close to or better than that even at the lower item pieces.

The only glaring things I really seen was a Ret pally who QQ'd the whole UK about his low dps and not knowing how to run a rotation. He blessed himself w/wis (didn't want to run out of mana) and was using seal of the righteousness. He did a huge 450 dps at level 70. I also had a mage and a lock doing about 350 and 275 dps in UK at level 70. The 'lock was just new to the game...he was quite and tried. The mage was mouthy from the beginning, was fire spec and said, "watch me tear this place up" "i just crit for 650"! He was on my last nerve due to his spec, he blinded every mob he could and did a blow/knock back. We had a warrior come into the group and told him he sucked, and that the dps was horrible. It was! The mage's answer was "I'm trying and besides, you are a warrior, your dps is always higher." We all LOL'd at that. The healer was a level 68 but knew the game and did well.

The lil pally
I've run alot on SM cath on this toon and Blizz really hates tanks at this level. I have no mana return (I don't have Sanc yet) and SA was nerfed, beside my two attacks, auto and 8 second judgments mobs like to run. That is not fun. Most players I run with are in BOA gear and I haven't run into anyone who is totally clueless but it would be ok at this level. I did have a curious hunter who wanted to pulll the boss in Cath before the room was clear, I never realized there were that many mobs in there....LOL

I had an issue where I could roll on any loot AT ALL. It was due to domino's roll mod that was messing me up. With that fixed up I don't mind tanking at these levels at all. I only wish there was more defense gear around to wear, I hate getting dazed.

This is really fun. I know the pally well, the DK I'm learning but the amount of CD's the DK has its pretty east to tank. Getting threat at times with both toons at this lower level is tough but dps is not patient at any level.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Upcoming cata rotation thoughts.

I'm not on beta, I don't have the invite and with my real life I don't have the time. I do hit up my favorite sites and see what the people who are on beta are saying. I see for the most part a very complex and bulky to say the least rotation. I also think the warrior and paladin are starting to mirror each other way too much. I jumped on to MMO-Champ today and see what I think is a streamline of our talents and rotation. I hope you all have a minute to check it out here. I do want to highlight some of it for you. Thank you to mmo champ for their work they do. While I do read blue posts and the tanking forums its hard to sort thru some of the trolling.

New build that is in the works.
Shield of the Righteous -- Now consumes Holy Power to cause damage.

Holy Shield -- Now a passive ability that causes your Shield of the Righteous to provide 5% block per stack of Holy Power consumed. In other words, you never click Holy Shield. You just click Shield of the Righteous and buff yourself.
Yay! SotR is coming back in! and in a good way. I do wonder if we are only getting 5% block now with this and a passive 10% but this was alot better than what was going on with the removal and our only usage of the new "holy power" ability that wasn't my favorite thing. I think using an offensive ability to create a def mechanic is really a novel thing. I hope this stays.
Hammer of the Righteous -- Now generates Holy Power but shares a cooldown with Crusader Strike. Almost all talents that affect one or the other will affect both. The intention is you use Crusader Strike -> Shield of the Righteous for single target and Hammer of the Righteous -> Shield of the Righteous for multitarget.
Avenger's Shield -- No real change, but it still hits pretty hard. Both CS and HotR can proc Grand Crusader to lower the Avenger's Shield cooldown.
Let me just clarify something - Hammer of the Righteous will generate 1 Holy Power per cast, or 1 Holy Power per target hit?
One per cast. Otherwise we think paladins might want to always be hitting multiple targets, like "Let me tank the boss and one of the adds or my Holy Power generation will be low."
So now CS and HotR share a CD and create holy power? Could it be that the dev's are getting it now? We have a multi and single target attack, a choice of what to use while attacking (and maybe we will have to plan ahead on burning this CD for what is coming at us) and the chance that either of these will shorten the CD of shield throw. This really sounds like a rotation that is on the right track.

Vindication -- can be caused only by Crusader Strike or Hammer of the Righteous.
Holy Wrath -- With the above changes, we think Prot paladins have enough rotational buttons to hit, so we are downplaying Holy Wrath. Holy Wrath is really intended as a Ret filler spell (for when other attacks are on cooldown). Prot could technically use Holy Wrath, but we aren't providing any talent hooks.
Is Holy Wrath going to have the same model it currently has? As a split damage ability?

Yeah, we like the split damage because it lets Ret (and Prot if needed) use it in most situations.

Seems fair to me. It takes out of the warriors mold and still in a way allows us to not uses holy wrath every time we want to apply vindication. My concern, what becomes of holy wrath? does it go back to the old version that only is usable on undead or does it get set to the back burner due to its high mana cost (guessing on that) and another way to attack that causes more threat? I see holy wrath getting changed if the rotation that looks to be coming out stays the same or falling out of use completely for prot.
Consecration -- Now on a 10 sec duration with a 30 sec cooldown. The Hallowed Ground talent makes it cheaper and hit harder -- it does not affect duration. Use Consecration when you need it, but you can't spam it. This is consistent with the AE changes we are making to all tanks.
I was never a spammer of conc, even in TBC when it was one of the best threat spells we had. To me this is a welcome change. Maybe tank won't "rely" on conc to be a primary attack. I wonder what the new build is going to look like, but does this change make it a must have talent point due to the "cheaper and harder hitting"? I like this.

Maybe people who understand and play paladins at Blizz are now working on the rotation for us! That would be a nice change. I really like the looks of these two rotations. Its not a face roll and seems we can weave in other things besides whats posted above.
With these changes in mind, Prot will be thinking about buttons such as these:
Single Target: Judgement, Crusader Strike, Shield of the Righteous, Avenger's Shield.
Multi-target: Judgement, Consecration, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous, Avenger's Shield, possibly Exorcism.
None of this includes things like Seals, Inquisition, defensive cooldowns, Word of Glory, etc.
So with Vindication off of Holy Wrath, is it intended that Prot Paladins are the only tank without an AoE Physical Damage debuff, or will similar changes be made to the Warrior/Druid/DK mechanics?

Hammer of the Righteous will be AoE enough. It hits many targets. It may not be as widespread as Demo Shout on a pull like a jillion Onyxia Whelps, but we don't really expect you to debuff pulls of that size.

This speaks for itself.

To me it looks like we are starting to get our own identity, keeping some really cool abilities (or have them put back in) and maybe Blizz is starting to get a handle on our rotation. I really like this build, I hope they stay with something like this and make it better.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When is stam ok to start stacking?

Remember back to Naxx 3.08? No one was "stacking stam" back then. We were all trying to get block capped...102.4% no hit comes in w/out some mitigation! That was even the rule for oh...about 2 minutes in Ulduar. I do seem to recall thou, OS 3d (10 or 25 man) and Maly's tank was always the tank with the highest HP's, pug or not. When you went and did maly as a pally tank, you moved some gear and put your highest stam set on. Maybe put a new glyph to cause more damage and threat.

When thou did we as pally tanks start stacking stam? And even better question, at what point do you recommend others stack stam? Do you even recommend avoidance? I know the hard fast rules of  540 defense is still the number one thing. But if a tank just hit 80, is running heroics and learning, do you say "pvp shoulder enchant, stam in ever socket, agi/stam to light the meta"?
As a tank that does ICC and I have a few other meatshields, I still chose stam. Yes avoidance is great but its not reliable, ever. Even the proc or on use trinkets are horrible. That is why, when I go to the help section or advice section to some forums, I still alway say put in stam. At this point in the game, in the LFG system, you get 264 geared heals, you get the ignorant players that just want a 10 minute badge run, I get that. But they also like to see 35k hp's and don't care that you have 102.4% or do they care that you have 22% dodge. They wanna see your GS and green bar with big numbers.
What do you do? What is your advice? Lets face it, tanking has 2 hard fast rules....don't get crit (stay alive) and hold threat. Other than that its preference right? so at what point does stam become the rule and not the luxury?
I'd like to see some opinions on this.

Tanking adventures 8-1

Well, as I said earlier, I'd be posting from time to time about leveling my other pally and my DK miner. I'm tanking w/them both to level.
The DK,
I'm level 70 with her. I'm kinda stuck in UK, which is cool. I like UK. I've done it about 10 times. A few were bad groups and yesterdays takes the cake. On the 1st boss, he tomb'd me (the tank) 3 times and actually rez'd his mobs 4 times. I've never, even in TBC gear my first time thru there seen that many rez's. I was doing the most damage and DPS. There was a lvl 71 mage in there. That was shocking to me. We never got past the second boss, the healer didn't heal himself, ever! we wiped 3 times and the group kinda split.
The second time thru, I had a better group. Shammy heals, me, a mage, a rogue and a Boomchicken.
The boom was crazy w/AOE and it took some skill to hold aggro. I did ask he hold off a second before going crazy. He did good! He only pulled 1 time after I asked him to hold back. Not bad. I did die 3 times due to lack of heals. LOL but all in all it was ok. The last boss in UK was...um bad, I died on p2 and they were able to burn him down. Then the healer didn't rez and left group. That was a head scratcher. The druid did tell me I did good, he said "I usually die alot, you haven't let me" LOL.
The lil Pally-
I'm currently lvl 36 so I'm in SM Lib most of the time.
1st group was a dual boxer or actually a 4 boxer. It was kinda creepy but we got thru it. They were all druids, so they were either drinking for mana, healing, dps'n or looting. At the same time. I died once due to late hots. Oh ya, when I got hotted, I got four sets.
2nd group, no issues. Fast run and the epic ring fell. I asked (due to stam) if anyone minded me taking it. No on did. I got to say, a low level pally is not fun to play. Auto attack, exorcism and judgements. I can understand why people don't learn them well til late. Yes its simple but you are pretty high level or in the tree before you get cool attacks.
More later.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A case study of tanking, rolling alts.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to give my experience of leveling alts tanks.

Well, the DK is an easy explanation, I needed a miner for my main. I needed to get a miner to 80 fast so I rolled the DK and I'm not a huge fan of questing so I can tank to level. Not bad IMO. I'm actually liking my DK a bit, such awesome CD's.

And the other pally...well that one takes some explaining. I will chronicle that further later.

Do you remember...

I'm doing this for a few reasons, 1st to combat how overly bored I am with the game and the 2nd to take me down memory lane a bit. I want to level these to by grinding instances vs. quests. I want to see if I can tell a difference between gear and player attitude. I also want to relive the beauty of not being so over geared that an instance takes no thought.

Stay tuned...