Monday, August 23, 2010

Tanking Adventures 66

Well, I've changed it up a bit. Due to not playing the DK and concentrating on the lil pally. I know sooner or later I'll grab the DK again and level it but the goal is the Alliance pally.

I slowed down the leveling due to JC and spent the last few days recouping some gold. I did do the first few Nagrand Nessingway quests and I'm working on the reps that I want. I really like the Honor Hold tabard and the tanking trinket.

So on to tanking...

I have spent a ton of time in Mana Tombs, I didn't get UB and SP to much. As we speak I'm level 67 and have que'd for 65 dungeons. Not bad and its fun. I have not run into many bad players at the upper level 60's so maybe they are figuring out how to play the toons. I've noticed less DK's in my groups.

I'm kinda sad, the Outlands seem to be flying by, I really love the instances, the way they are set up and the pulls. No there still isn't any CC but you have to pull LOS at times, watch pats and keep an eye on the casters. Mana is an issue but threat is never, ever an issue. Mobs stun, fear and silence you. I understand now a bit more how the Heroics were actually Heroic. Wrath Heroics are joke like compared to even normals in BC.

I have maid the choice to stay in Outlands til 70. I know its not the best XP but OMG I don't wanna be stuck in UP for 4 levels. I want to hit a few of the higher level Outland places too.

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