Friday, August 13, 2010

Tanking adventures... Aug 12th

Well, RL gets in the way sometimes. I will try to keep this up to date as much as possible.


Hit level 72 tonite. I've only tanked a few instaces lately with the DK. I'm really tired of UK and Nexx. I do have to say, the DPS is really really low. I think I mentioned this before, but TBC 70's did alot better dps with worse talents. I had a lock tonite do 238dps! So after the daily random today, I quested a bit and hit 72. The last few days I just went to SB and farmed ore.

Lil Pally-

I'm having fun on this toon big time. I think I've done about 40% instace 60% quests. I have SA now and holy shield. I take no damage get mana back too. 99% of the poeple I've met/ran with are easy to deal with, play well and enjoy leveling a new toon. I did tonite have a hunter in the midst of a pull, decied to grab a back of 6 which ran right to the healer. I hate that corpse run in

I will say that leveling two toons at the same time is tiring and hard. Neither gets the attention you want to give them.

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