Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tanking adventures 8/2-/8-5

I'll touch on this briefly. Nothing really grand has happened.
Just hit level 71 so maybe now I can get out of UK. I like the instance but I think I've run it 9 times in a row. Its boring. You can at this level see who is new to the game or not really a max/min type player and who understands whats going on. From healers to dps.

Remember at level 70 (tbc max level) good players in T4/badge gear could hit 1100dps, and NE gear is supposed to be close to or better than that even at the lower item pieces.

The only glaring things I really seen was a Ret pally who QQ'd the whole UK about his low dps and not knowing how to run a rotation. He blessed himself w/wis (didn't want to run out of mana) and was using seal of the righteousness. He did a huge 450 dps at level 70. I also had a mage and a lock doing about 350 and 275 dps in UK at level 70. The 'lock was just new to the game...he was quite and tried. The mage was mouthy from the beginning, was fire spec and said, "watch me tear this place up" "i just crit for 650"! He was on my last nerve due to his spec, he blinded every mob he could and did a blow/knock back. We had a warrior come into the group and told him he sucked, and that the dps was horrible. It was! The mage's answer was "I'm trying and besides, you are a warrior, your dps is always higher." We all LOL'd at that. The healer was a level 68 but knew the game and did well.

The lil pally
I've run alot on SM cath on this toon and Blizz really hates tanks at this level. I have no mana return (I don't have Sanc yet) and SA was nerfed, beside my two attacks, auto and 8 second judgments mobs like to run. That is not fun. Most players I run with are in BOA gear and I haven't run into anyone who is totally clueless but it would be ok at this level. I did have a curious hunter who wanted to pulll the boss in Cath before the room was clear, I never realized there were that many mobs in there....LOL

I had an issue where I could roll on any loot AT ALL. It was due to domino's roll mod that was messing me up. With that fixed up I don't mind tanking at these levels at all. I only wish there was more defense gear around to wear, I hate getting dazed.

This is really fun. I know the pally well, the DK I'm learning but the amount of CD's the DK has its pretty east to tank. Getting threat at times with both toons at this lower level is tough but dps is not patient at any level.

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