Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tank adventures 8-6

Group was a Me, druid heals, dps dk, shammy and hunter.

I was so happy, I got to run Nexus, finally I'm out of UK full time. I hit level 71 and had a group in mid fight when I zoned in. Group says last tank just left, I seen why after 1st pull. Really low dps. Got to 1st boss and it took like it felt like 5 minutes to down her. The adds were up so long it was crazy I used DG twice per split phase. Next pull after boss I was frozen and pat was face pull (probably my fault) but I couldn't taunt and we wiped. Heals left and so did the DK. I wanted to stick it up and they were replaced quickly w/some solid dps. Ret pally was level 70 and doing 1300 dps. I was pulling fast and the priest heals was keeping me full bar health. As we finished the 2nd boss the hunter got lost and kept screaming for a rez. He rez'd himself, caught back up to us and got lost again. Died and he was vote kicked. A boomchicken replaced him. The rest of the run was smooth til last boss when the boom did 300 dps. All in all it was fun and I was glad to get out of UK.

I guess the only question I have is how do you get lost 2x's especially in Nexus?

Lil pally

Multi runs and multi levels.

No issues at all. I can not stress enough how hard it is to tank at low level with out a mana return mechanic. WOW, no SA really makes it hard and yes, I do have Sanc but unless I have more than 3 mobs things die to fast to really have mana replenished that way. The lack of attacks is boring too but all in all I'm having more fun tanking while leveling this pally than I did with my main. Leveling goes fast too due to pulling mobs from everywhere.
Got the epic Parrot Cage to drop too. Never seen that drop before but I still haven't sold it.

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  1. It depends on which part of Nexus it is kind of... The big empty area after the mage boss, and before Anomalus can be abit confusing to someone whos never been there before.. so im HOPING this is where he got lost :P if not then ouch... I dont see how someone could get lost in a straight path >.>

    I found it fun to level my other paladin aswell.. though you are right, the lower levels are abit painful, I took up glyph of consecration while leveling to save abit of cons mana. its not good to use at 80 due to the rotation, but its not so bad before you have so many spells.

    Im waiting til cataclysm to level another prot paladin then, it seems like it will be very fun.