Monday, August 30, 2010

Tanking Adventures 71

Oh what a great level...

Stats for level 71:
Instances entered: 84
Damage taken: 15,587,502
Deaths: 40
Stam: 13500 unbuffed
Def: 477 (its dropped a bunch but I am not cap for my level)

Sorry for the few days without a post, some real life time was needed.

For the most part the level went by pretty fast. I did make one error in judgement or I guess you could say I broke a rule. I was leveling JC and got to the point were I could cut JC meta gems. I was excited and very tired. I Talked to the JC, got the quest and it lit up yellow, I clicked him my 1st token and turned it in for a dragons eye. So I logged to my banker and bought a broken necklace and powder to get the recipe for solid dragon eye and put the new stam gem in my belt.

This goes against my rules due to spending the gold. It wasn't a priority and wasn't a make or break upgrade. Yes its very cool to have that gem but I could have waited, I guess this comes down to being excited and playing way to much.  Taking the weekend off helped and due to more real life things, I will probably have to cut back a bit but...I will have time to hit 80 and some decent gear.

I have really tried to quest a bit, I want to do the Alliance side Wrathgate quest line and I tried to solo Kreug Oathbreaker the 5 player elite quest. He killed me a few times. The stuns he did really ate my healt huge. I will give the solo part of those Wanted: quests in Dragonblight for now.

I have noticed a few things as I level. UK tends to be harder for level 68-71's than it is in heroic. All the bosses seem to be more of a challenge. That's kinda shocking because, well most TBC instances are tougher than UK.

I do have a great story to tell about level 72 instace I just did but that will be told in the next day or two. I only want to ask one question, why do none tanks roll on tanking gear and then say, I have a dual spec?

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