Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tanking adventures 8-13

Things are progressing nicely with both these toons. I do notice how incredibly easy it is to make gold now compared to when I leveled my first toon.

DK- I did two of them. AN and UK

AN was a bugger, it was in fact bugged or probably was. On the watchers before the 1st boss, 2 groups would pull at once. It wiped us twice, the healer left and we got a new one almost right away. The rest of the run went smooth. I pulled in a different order which seemed to fix the error. I got a tanking ring too.

UK *sigh* I zoned right have first boss. Run went ok, there was a hunter in T4/T5 and badge gear from TBC and that was cool to see. He did good dps. The run was good aside from 2nd boss where the guy runs and charges everyone. I said before the pull, stand on me and he won't charge. No one listens, cause...well no one ever does on that fight.

I find the DK easier to tank with as I get to know the toon more. I'm crittable. I'm trying to fix that but its kinda hard to find the gear. I have the cobalt set but with my CD's its not to bad.

Lil Pally

I'm noticing a trend here. I seem to zone in alot mid pull or mid instance with this toon. I also see that players at this level are kind of unfriendly. Not alot of hello's and people tend to leave mid pull alot. I have been doing Diremaul and well, I hate it. I zoned in one time, the group fell apart so I was stuck waiting to que again.

I did hop in a group w/a priest/mage/warrior (he was prot spec'd and had a shield but que'd as DPS) druid. Group did well, we cleard the whole instace of BRD. Yes, I said we totally cleared BRD. I kinda liked that place. Its big. At the end a really nice cloak fell. It was AGI/Stam and the mage rolled and one. He didn't leave the instance and wanted me and the warrior to roll off and ask him if we could have it. The warrior left so I won by default.

All in all, I'm still enjoying this toon. I'm now level 56 and I've entered 40 instances, so with me not being able to que til level 14 I've almost done one a level.

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