Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tanking adventure 69

Please read level 68 below this. It was a fast level and had a very memorable instance in it. I broke this up due to the length of these 2 stories.

Well, I hit level 70, 11 minutes ago on the play clock. My adventures are from the very end of level 67 and ending on my last run in UP with about 4% to level to 70.

Level: 70 (11 minutes into the level.)
Instance entered: 74
Damage taken: 10,917,578
Deaths: 35

On to level 69...

I finished off 68 with quests and a few randoms. I hoped 69 would be better.

I couldn't get back into Shattered Halls, no healers that level. So I just did randoms. OMG Settek Halls all night long.

I think total I ran it four times. Only two stand out:

DK meatshield

I que as tank, zone in to fighting and a DK is tanking a ton of shit! Mobs are everywhere. No one says hi, the DK just keeps pulling. Five pulls later, he says "sorry, go head and tank, I just got carried away". I said, I qued as tank, if you wanna do it, by all means, go for it.

The lock in the group is pulling off DK alot, I would taunt and grab that mob. I OT'd. The Dk says:
"Lock, stop being bad and control your pet".
The rest of the run is smooth, and well...the DK actually did a good job.

Oh my, I'm a pally.

Lower level group, I had just finished tanking shattered halls, I took some huge shots there so I know what kinda of damage the toon could take. I pulled fast and said what I say to every healer, "please let me know when you want mana" as I have found out, healers are funny about mana, some like to stay topped off, some run about 50% and don't care.

This group, we had a pally healer that was, um....rusty. I stayed alive but that was barely and the others didn't. The group was slow, I requested they kill the totems fast and well, they didn't, they chose route 2, kill the person that is MC' This caused some irritation in the group. We had a DK that was really new to the game, I told him 3x's please take off frost, he told me he like the extra HP's. The mage, who had died a few times to the DK on the mind controls, told him he sucked and to learn his class before he wasted others time. He took off frost then.

All in all, it was a bad group, and right after my dealings with Mr. 'Lockstar, I was a tad shaken as a tank, and wondering why the hell I play this game some times. Not because I don't think I can't tank, but was tonight just a night where I should be questing and allowing the players who think they know, but don't understand all log on and are bad....I'm a DK still in starting zone gear at level 67 cause its blue and greens suck.

When we got to the boss, I asked like I always do, "does everyone know this boss"? We got 2 no's! Brilliant. I give the, "when he starts to cast 'arcane' run behind the pillar and out of LOS". I get a why? from the DK. "Just do it please or you will die".

Pull the boss, get good aggro, switch to seal of wis so I have mana and he ports to the pillar area, and begins to cast! Healer and DK die! Me the mage and a hunter alive. He is well over half, I have no mana and its going to be a wipe! Again, what do I do....

Seal of light, judge light and hope for the best, cast again, Mage and Hunter are now dead!
Me vs. Talon King Ikiss, I'm a level 69...I'm going to die, but


I have my forbearance cooldown and potion still, He begins to cast arcane again, I run around a pole and bandage. 480 per tick x's 4....NICE. Back to the boss, I'm kiting, to allow the dots on him to tick his health away and I won't take damage. I'm playing ring around the pillar. Dots all gone and I must face my fate.

He hits me hard! Crits me and I'm out of mana, almost out of health. What do I do? I LoH of course. I have full health and no mana! He either misses me or hits me, no dodges, parry's or block's. The RNG gods are against me. No mana and watching my health tick away. He is going to kill be and all I can do is white swing. I look down and I have a mana pot I can take. Do I do that or take a health pot? Go mana at least I can heal or do something offensively.
Mid fight
Right after fight

So I did it, I basically solo'd a final boss in a level 67 instance. Point I guess I'm trying to make is, I used my tools and got a bit lucky but I refused to give up.

I killed the boss, I did my job and avoided damage that I could and made "the GROUP" a success.

It was out of stubbornness, and not wanting to lose this fight. It felt good, one of the reasons people want to tank. To be the groups wiping post! and the pace setter. No this isn't a huge feat but I can tell you, I will never, ever forget this fight. It will go down as one of my iconic fights in my wow playing time.

My add-on says I'm level 68 in those pictures, but I know I was 69...I left outlands right afterwards and headed to Borean Tundra. I wanted to try my hand at Utgarde Keep.

The damage was severe

I pulled slow, just putting a DK thru UK a few times I know that the stuns were harsh on a tank. I'm crittable at this point. My group is all below 70. I have a druid healer and I can say, this is the 1st time I've ever seen a druid run OOM as a healer. He kept me alive but he used every trick in the book. But we did it, no wipes. Lots of scary moments and we had a great boomchicken who knew when to knock back.

Second time thru was not such a great thing. We never completed it. The healer took a bunch of AFK's and couldn't keep anyone alive on the last boss. He admitted, it was his brothers toon.

The group fell apart after the 3rd wipe, I had to grind a few quests to hit 70 and then I logged, I needed a break...

In the coming days, I will lay out the plan for my goals for getting to 80, and my plans once I hit 80. I also hope to start a guild bank guild named Judging Chasey on Lightbringer. We will see how this goes, stay tuned.

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