Friday, August 20, 2010

The beauty of the gems!

Leveling the Alliance pally, I'm getting a chance to fix all the mistakes I made while leveling the 1st pally. I'm not trying to make the new toon a carbon copy but familiarity is a tough habit to break. I did a bit of research on what profession I wanted to take.

I had fallen a bit behind on my herbalism and didn't want to go back and pick flowers to level it up to my where it needed to be. I had been selling all my ore and a good deal of gold on my toon. I also knew, if I got past Outlands without catching up or leveling up I'd be a mess and have to spend a huge amount of gold to level it 1-450.

My choice was to be a miner and JC. They go hand in hand and knowing the profession a bit I knew what I was in for. There are a few hang up points, in between Bronze and Mithril is really expensive as is 285-300 due to the gems. I got really lucky due to the cost of Azerothian diamonds being pretty cheap.

I do recommend if you are going to power level a profession you take a day or two to plan this out and stock some mats. Grab a guide....I used THIS one. I chose that particular guide due to the mat breakdown it offers. I did read all of them thou and seen, what I knew that I was going to have some tough spots.

I'm currently at 320ish and cutting Outland gems as well as mining Outland ore. A huge piece of advice I can give to anyone trying to level at this point is to find a way to get the green quality gems from TBC as they are about 5g each on the AH.

More to come in tanking adventures...

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