Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tanking Adventures Level 70

Well, 11minutes ago on the play time clock I got the big DING on the 70 clock. I ported to IF and trained, headed to the mail box and grabbed my new set of gear.

The Cobalt Clad Holy Warrior-

As I began to apply piece after piece of gear I noticed something, my defense was climbing and so were my other stats. My avoidance is pretty stellar. My HP's are decent and I'm uncrittable with the Cobalt Shoulders on. I'm really close to that level with my BOA shoulders on. The stats on my BOA shoulders are so much better I don't know if being at 488 (2 points under crittable) is worth not having that extra 10% Xp I gain wearing them. I guess my healer and my DPS in the run will dictate that.

My stats unbuffed with out the Cobalt shoulders are:
13979 Armor
488 Def
17.86% dodge
14.86% parry
10.44% block (480 BV)
12,212 HP

I can't believe how good this set is really. I entered Wrath with my other pally in T4/T5 and Isle badge gear. Yes my stats were good and I had them all socketed w/the best there was, but I don't think my numbers were much better. Not by a ton anyway.

The Goals-

To put pen to paper, so to speak and just keep myself with in limits here is my plan from 70-80 and beyond.
- I want as much gold as possible when I hit 80, as this won't really be a raiding toon til Cata but I want a solid start once Cata starts.
-I am at a bit of a disadvantage, I don't know anyone on this server, its a new world to me and TBH reading trade while doing banking, this isn't a very inviting server to new players.
-I want to make it into a raiding guild that fits my schedule/style/skill level.
-I don't see Cata being released really soon, I have time to do what I want at my pace, including getting to 80 with this toon and setting up a DK to help me farm other mats in cata (ugh that means messing around with another dk)
-I don't know if its possible but I want to see the Sauerfang ICC 10/25 lore before the fight. I should be able to get in there. Depending on how much I grind badges.

The Plans-

-No gems that I can't cut. I'm JC and a miner. I need to plan ahead on newer gear to be at the JC skill to cut what I need.
-No Armor that isn't craftable. That is cryptic tired talk for, farm what you need. Don't buy it, unless you have to.
-Keep the enchants to the bare minimum. If I need it to stay around uncrittable, buy it doesn't need to be the best. Armor kits will and can do.
-Save all the GOLD you can.

Where at-

-I plan on leveling in 5 mans as much as I can. I have noticed that real gold comes from questing so I need to do that as much as possible.
-As soon as I can I need to get to the Argent rep area. I need the head enchant and the legs are still pretty good.
-ToC normal at level 78 is also going to be on my to do list. Blackheart is a must as are the dailies to bring up my gold and rep, I really want to ride a ram.
-At level 75, I will be in sholzar basin to farm and do the quests there.
-I want to do the allinace side wrathgate quest line as well.

I will log all my up-to-date stories and upgrades to let you all see this. I'm looking forward to this project. It will keep me out of the in-game-boredem I'm feeling on my main.

So every day or two I'll post up my level, stats, stories and maybe I'll jump in on Beta tester talk as well.

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