Pre and Cataclysm guides:

Digren's 4.0.3a guide ~ Easy to read, updates frequently, shows gearing levels.

Vexryn's Pre-Raid Gear Progression ~ Cross referenced with list of enchants and gems.

Tank spots pre Raid gear ~ Broken down slot by slot.

Pt.1 and Pt.2 ~ really easy to read and explination via Guarded by the Light thanks Resonate.

Pre 4.0.1 ~ simple and handy.

DIY pieces ~ If you are into do it yourself guides and want to look up Piece by Piece.

Gems and enchants:

Digrens 4.0.x ~ Updated frequently, shows threat vs surv stats.

See Vexryn's above for info.

Spec and glyph:

Theck's ~ spec and glyph guide Simply amazing!

Finding the right guild -Here


Thecks food break down ~ Contains Wraths food.

Crowd Control:
Who can CC what? Pretty complete list.

Spoony great guide- very indepth and always a great read.

Cataclysm Raid info:

Tank spot movie links

Stratfu speed raid 1

StratFu Speed raid 2

More Coming soon!