Monday, April 18, 2011

Dk Solos TWO Cata heroic bosses

Yes folks you seen that title correctly. A blood DK went to Stonecore and managed to solo two bosses at the same time. To me, this, takes tremendous skill, but it begs the question is the DK self heal now too much?

Is there a nerf bat going to be smacking this class soon? My tanking partner is a DK and I like he can help himself this much but with the 4.1 WoG nerf coming up soon, is the pally getting the short end of the stick. Our heal is being brought down to earth with a 20 second cool down and we lose an option in our "rotation" that blizz told us would be less solid and more proc based.

Without further rambling, enjoy:

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  1. This is the inherent issue with using increased self-healing to compensate for a lack of a shield. Also, this guy is doing a bunch of stuff that doesn't translate well into other settings: using Rune of the Fallen Crusader, Rune Tap on CD, etc. In raid content, he would be a nightmare to heal. And if they balanced the class to prevent this type of stunt, they'd have to redesign the class completely.