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The 4.1 Tanking Source!

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The 4.1 tanking source!
Whats in a patch....well with 4.1 there is a ton!

I wanted to take some time and put a little list together for the upcoming changes to 4.1 for tanks other notes and gearing for 4.1 as a tank. (Source)

Paladin changes-

The big one, Word of Glory now has a 20 second cool down, making our rotation slightly more static and not allowing us a walking heal any time we need. The ultimate effect will be seen later as 4.2 enters but unless you are doing hard modes, most people are on par gear wise with content and this will get better as ZA and ZG gear start hitting the Org/SW hangers.

Divine Guardian now has a 3 minute cool down. Up from two minutes. Again, non game breaking but still adds periods of AoE damage to us.

Sacred Duty can no proc off Avengers Shield and Judgements....o.O extra damage and threat. Is that a problem at all for anyone?

Minor changes/fixes:

Righteous Fury now lasts thru death, Avengers Shield can NOT be blocked any longer.

Holy can talent into doing away with WoG's 20 second cool down.Walk in the Light is the talent they will be taking I'm sure.

The Rise of the Zandalari (return of ZA and ZG)- Blizz has installed a separate que for these two places and require a ilvl of 346 to enter. (oh how I wish that PVP gear didn't count)

If you follow my blog at all you know I'm really excited about this. I really loved ZA at level 70, it was a true challenge. I guess my only real concern is the fact these won't be run to see the brilliance of the instance or even the challenge that we faced at T5 and below in TBC but they will now be loot pinatas. Yes I said that, the ilvl is going to be lower but now we will see the trade trolls light up on how they are now geared better than XYZ and this now means they are better. I can also see trade /2 LFM for ZA/ZG 356 ilvl, pst!

Gear upgrade for 4.1~
I can't wait to see these place again, so on the topic of gear I'll give my opinion on these pieces.
Head- Spiritshield Mask - Avoidance at best, missing mastery and...Stats we like. It does have the ZA look to it thou.

Neck - Amulet of Protection - Dodge and Mastery, nice survivability in a sorely neglected area.

Shoulder - Pauldrons of Sacrifice - Better than tier unless its your 4pc bonus, on par with the other drops. Nice filler.

Chest - Battleplate of the Amani Empire - Dodge and Exp, the crafted BoE is probably a better choice.

Hands - Bone Plate Handguards - Again, avoidance set maybe. With VP being easier to aquire the T11 set are a better option.

Waist - Coils of Hate - Base stats of the crafted one make it better, the mastery is a tad better. Overall this isn't too bad.

Pants - Added new option.
Shield - Shield of the Blood God - Looks cool. The "added" gem socket for the crafted one still puts this ahead on all charts for me...that's just me thou.

Weapon -Bloodlord's Protector- No mastery, slightly less stats and damage than the raid drops, upgrade dependant with the 346 drop you have.

Overall this isn't bad. Crafted still looks better for most slots even in the non-tanking selections. So far there isn't a ring, trinket or wrist selection. I'm still scratching my head about the pant selection. (source)
Tank Differences:

Death Knight-

Battle Rez for all DK's, costs 50 runic power on CD with other forms of rez's.

Blood shield only works in blood presence.

Death strike's healing doesn't generate threat.

Druids -

Lacerate now increase damage instead of threat.

Swipe (bear) now increase damage done instead of threat gen and is on a 3 second CD instead of 6seconds.

Savage Defense - in essence - Now absorbs damage based on 35% of the attack power of the druid and modified by mastery, lasts 10 seconds and there are no charges.

Warrior - I think Blizz redesigned the entire class, the highlights as I know and understand them.

Rallying Cry - a 20% INCREASE to all members HP's for 10 seconds. 30 yard radius and has a 3 minute CD and...on the same CD as Last stand.

Mastery now allows shield block to an Aura that reduces 20% of magic damage for 6 seconds (talented).

Gag order now lowers the CD of heroic throw by 30 seconds.

There is a ton of other stuff that warriors had changed. Please see patch notes.

The rest of the best -

Flask of Stoneskin now has its stam increase to 450 up from 300.

Guild tabard will now increase your guild rep.

Guild challenges award rep to the guild for completion of the challenge.

There is a now built in Recruitment tool for those looking for a guild and those who are recruiting.

CALL TO ARMS - implemented to lower que wait times. If you que for the role they are looking for you get a bag of goodies that is account bound.

Resurrecting players can now be done with out targeting them. No more corpse hunting.

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