Monday, April 4, 2011

Cata vs ICC Raiding; which is harder?

When I wanted to Blog about this I figured it would be pretty simple to say T11 content is much more of a challenge than ICC was. Why? I did the raids, I lived the wipes, I know what I went through. What I have discovered is, comparing the two is APPLES AND ORANGES!

Why am I doing this? Well, first I don't want to just fill the Blog up with numbers, nor do I want to give you graphs that prove my point. I made my rounds of the Blogs I read from time to time. I went to a very dismal place that was made popular by clearing content with blue gear. A feat that is pretty amazing, but since that, basic venom has come from that Blog every time I read it. This isn't I hate, because my Blog doesn't have the readers he does or anything like that. I doubt I ever have that following, not something I strive for. I also wouldn't want a following established by acting like a hard ass or a curmudgeon. If the tag line of your Blog is being unsocial in a social place, problems run deep. I can only hope for that persons sake, it is an act or a persona they made up due to the anonymity of the net being able to hide the true you.

ICC-was gated and upon reaching heroic level, there was a max attempt limit.It also had probably the easiest fight ever in game (the boat) and maybe the hardest in the history of the game(H-LK Paragon didn't down him w/o the 5% buff). The Tier went for close to a year and gave us an Arua and by the third month we started getting 5% buffs. When we arrived at the Citadel gates on 12-2-11 we were sporting 258 gear, 4pc T9 was about as easy as the cooking daily. On top of this, we were able to run 10 and 25 man in the same week Most fights were tested over and over so there wasn't a ton of bugs.

Cata-(T11) We had to level and get used to newer talent trees. Gear was not handed out like candy and 10/25 man content was one or the other. It isn't gated at all, but there is three different raids to choose from. Reaching 346ilvl was tough, and some BiS pieces were even lower ilvl. While no fight is unbeatable, most have been challenging and very PUG unfriendly. Tier pieces are harder to come by and the 2 and 4 set bonuses aren't ground breaking. No fight is the boat either, there are no gimme's.

Ok now for some numbers (source) and (source), yes I know I said I wouldn't fill you up with this but I need to show why I think what I do.

ICC: Marrowgar: 84,136 guilds killed this boss, only 50,887 did it on heroic.
LK: 48,523 killed him on 10 man  5664 on heroic10 man.
Sindragosa:  62,950 killed her and only 21,323 killed her on heroic.
**Lets make the assumption every 25 man guild killed these 3 boss on 10 man at least once.

T11 3pk of raids: Magmaw 47,983 have killed him. 2316 have done it on heroic. (10 man only)
** wowprogress lists 47,983 as 100% of the guilds ranked.
Cho'gall: 20449 have killed him and only 98 have killed him on heroic.
Nefarian: 11,252 have killed him and 240 on heroic.
Sinestra: 37 yes 37 have killed her on heroic.

T11 3pk 25 man content: Magmaw 4358 have killed him, 1470 on heroic.
Cho'gall: 4041 on reg, 198 on heroic.
Nefarian: 3379 on reg, 330 on heroic.
Sinestra: 111 only 1.4% of registered guild have downed her.

---ICC had gimme bosses, groups that had raided together, free loot and the ability to do the same raid twice per week.
---T11 has several raids, healers who had mana issues, gear issues and you had to level, with many guilds suffering from 10/25 splits and finding new raiders.
---IMHO this tier of raiding for an opening Xpac tier offers a wide variety and lots of challenge. Making it all and all harder.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on T10 vs T11? Nerf or pre-nerf change your mind? Let me know.

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head: Apples and Oranges. While ICC no doubt informed how Blizzard designed T11 content, the more accurate comparison would be to compare T11 with WotLK entry raiding like Naxx, Maly, and Sarth. I think you would find that your points still hold, however. ;-)