Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tanking Adventures


Well my goal of getting into ICC at around 30 hours of play time has past. Due to a few pieces of gear, I could not get GS anywhere near the level where RL would talk to me. My server is HUGE and I'm learning with HUGE servers, there are a ton of players who have alts who will log to get spots for their alts. The other thing I have come across is, when people are putting together 10 man ICC's they want HM's, so I get "sorry if it were normal, it wouldn't be an issue". Sooner or later thou, I'll get into ICC.

I just want to mention, as I geared this toon DPS and my groups have been a ton more tolerant and I haven't run into the "baddie w/the blue gear" nearly as much as I did with other toons I've put thru the LFG system. Could it be people are getting the social aspect of 10 minute friends?

Currently stats:
GS: 4976 (I hate that stat but its a feel of where I'm at)
Instances entered: 205
Deaths: 63
Def: 540 (690)
Damage taken: 74,689,136

Me the raid leader?

I was sitting in trade after doing my JC daily looking for a ICC 10 and WG just finished, LFM of VOA was being spammed. After a few minutes a LFM Tank for VOA 10. I sent the tell and got the invite! I was shocked no, GS? Ach? ETC... the only thing the RL said was, "you know its a full clear right?" "NP" I respond, I need the badges anyway.

We zone in, buff up and start the trash. We do Emalon 1st, my co-tank is a warrior. He is part of the "GOGOGO" crew, he says nothing to me, now...silly me...I'm a pally tank so I go in 1st, like he told me and grab the adds, and he follows me. He then taunts the adds and we wipe. Yes, *hangs head in shame* we in the era of free gear wiped on a T8 boss in 10 man. He sends me a tell, "you have more HP's, take the boss." I say "Ok, sure, NP but I'm a pally and never seen a warrior grab the adds, I've always just done it". He says, "ya just do it my way and try to keep up".


I say in raid "sorry for the mix up, we are fixed up now the adds won't be an issue". He tells me "GOGOGOG" again. I send him a tell, if you want adds you have to go first and I'll taunt boss off you. Well, that was the only time he worried about aggro, cause the newb crew that we were, killed all the adds on the first Overcharge, the DPS AOE'd all the mobs dead, adds were now everywhere and the warrior, was not taunting. I just grabbed them all and tanked the whole thing. I've done it before but when I overgeared the place w/healers I trust. My health alert was beeping every hit. Boss dies, I live and loot is given.

Other tank says, I have to AFK, take 5. In VoA we are taking breaks.

We go to Korolan, I send the other tank a tell "I'll grab him, pull him in the corner, just stand on me and move out of flame" guess what he didn't do? Yes I had to tell him "move" or "flame" or he stood there like a BOT. Both healers died to...guess? Fire! And I looked at my DPS meter, I was 4th in dps. You did read that right, I was 4th in DPS on non undead/demon mobs and basically single target. OH MY.

We go to Archavon, I get aggro and snatched and thrown and guess what, the other tank doesn't taunt. 2 DPS die and  send him a tell, as I'm going thru the air "TAUNT". Rez's incoming.

On to Toravon and raid lights up with "gogogogo".

NO! I say. Mark 1 mob, the RL marks me. I pull and hope the other tank grabs one of the adds, I'm not geared enough to take both for long, or so I thought. Cause the other tank, didn't grab an add, he basically dps'd.

Before pull I say "kill frost orbs" and send the tank a tell, "at 4 stacks, taunt off me. I don't care what is going on, you have to taunt at 4 or we will wipe". At 4 stacks, I have aggro, taunt tattle isn't showing his taunt. I send him a tell "TAUNT", still nothing, I'm at 7 stacks now. One more tell and nothing, I have to bubble. OH MY! He gets to 4, I taunt, he taunts back. I taunt again and have the boss for now. At 4 I have to tell him, taunt again. DPS is dying and boss is about 50%. OMG we are going to wipe on this face roll! Well I guess it isn't all bad. We didn't wipe, he figured the taunt rotation out and I got my 10 VoA achievement. WOOT, I'm hard core now.

Its amazing to me that on a server as big as Lightbringer is, with all the raiding people and as easy as VoA is that we had that much trouble doing it. If I hadn't done that place 4000 times, it would have been a mess. I finished 5th overall in DPS as the tank. I had to tell everyone what to do and on top of it a DK kept DG the trash mid fight.

Otherdin info:
In this section I will talk about my other tanks and what is going on.

Only a few issues:
Chasey-Ran a HoR on my main, landed mid fight mid pull during the waves. I figued out what happened and got the job done. Hunter wasn't in the instance and we 4 manned the last wave. Killed boss and scratched my head, the healer was DPS'n. Yep, 850 DPS and my health was ok but low all fight.

We did the LK escaped, the healer kept taking shots at the group and was very snide. Hunter wouldn't get w/group and got smashed by Arthus himself. LOL in group and said, you can't kick me in combat.

We ended up finishing and got to kick the hunter before loot was given out. Right after the badges hit the bags I got up for a second, came back to the healer telling me my gear was all gemmed and enchanted wrong. They said they knew I was a bad tank and could see that in my choices.

Mind you I had my heroic DPS set in with str and 10 stats gem 50 ap enchant weapon on. I was looking to kill stuff, cause even in this set of gear, I'm at 560 def and 49k health. I was very close behind the top DPS in the run. Before the healer zoned out, they told me to L2play a pally as AGI/Stam is not something a pally uses and stra and 10 stats gems don't go in tanking gear. I scratched my head.

I don't play on this server or this toon much. LFG is usually a nightmare. Mal'Ganis players are really hard to take in groups. I ran a random just because and I got a zZq toon from Mal'Ganis and a Goon Squad toon from another server. It was amazing, no "baddie" statements and huge DPS. It was fun and almost restored my faith that it isn't the server and more the person. Which I know but run after run you get the same junk.

Sorry for being so lenghty but I haven't had much to talk about lately.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Closing of the portals.

Below is pretty hot topic, one that I'm not in favor for at all. Yesterday I jumped on MMO Champion and looked over the news. To my dismay, they are closing the city hub portals from Dal and Shatt. It seems that they want people to see the new content and not continent hop. This is fine and dandy, I'm guessing when Cata hits and the new content is out you will get your fill leveling.

I see alot of pro and con threads, funny thing is the only real people that have no issue with this is Shammy's, Mages and Druids. Ironic, they are the classes that can get from place to place faster than others. LOL

The problem with shutting down these portals are many and the explanation by Blizz are few. Sure we get to fly in the old world when Cata comes but I still don't think that will be as quick as porting.

Here are a few others reasons its not going over well:
-The zeps and boats are way to slow, you have to wait when you get to the platform.
-When you jump on a long flight, say from Org to Silithus, I don't know about you but I'm tabbing out or AKF and thus, not seeing the content.
-Flying is cumbersome, FP aren't always direct and tend to loop you around instead of straight to the landing.
-Some have invested in Rings or other gadgets to get them to Dal that they spent gold on to get and this announcement is coming really late.
-With the "trainers and AH's" being put in Dal and Shatt, you essentially take the player that is at level 58-68 out of the content you are driving them to see. I doubt anyone is going to go to the faction cities during this time.
-Mages, with the BL they now get and the fact they can move all over the earth will be the "DK/Huntard" of Cata. (just a guess)
-Its a further time sink in a game that takes alot of time anyway. I don't want my time in game being consumed by FP, zep arrivals and boat rides. Let me chose how I use my hearth and other items I have to move around the world.

A few ways to fix this issue if the MUST take the portal out:
-Make your home city accessible once an hour and allow you to put your hearth where you want it.
-Make the portals accessible to capped level people.
-Don't make the change at all.

The lack of Blizz's response on this at time of posting and the amount of people voicing their concern for this is intriguing. I hope this is thought about carefully.
Q u o t e:

It definitely seems like a bad idea since for 1, shratt kept its portals when wrath was released, and 2, Northrend is still a questing area that is necessary to do to get to 80, and without the portals, you have to pretty much make a big decision about whether you want to take a ship to Northrend and make it hard to go back and forth.

The reason the portals from Shattrath were not removed from Outland when Wrath of the Lich King released is that there was a new central hub with portals to all major cities in Northrend. There is no longer a neutral city hub which both factions will be using in Cataclysm. We want to ensure visiting the major faction capitals is still the most attractive thing to do in Cataclysm, rather than having people use Shattrath and Dalaran as easy connector hubs.

To make up for this, we'd like to add class trainers and Auctioneers in Shattrath and Dalaran for those leveling through The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King content.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has GS gone to far?

I found this site:
(FAIL) Byka, 80 Paladin — WTF is my Gear Score?

Kind of handy, tells you what PUGS are looking for. I mean we have all seen, LFM ICC 25 Link spec/GS/Ach or no reply.

But is this too much?
I'm a new 80, 26 hours old, I haven't stepped into a raid (aside from the kill anub naxx 10) and I have 39,590 health 25% dodge and 17% parry. Decent stats if I say so myself. I know how to play the class and understand threat/spec/and other issues of being a raid tank as I have a main that is 10/12 ICC 25 HModes.

But according to this site, I'm FAIL! Yes I said FAIL because my GS isn't high enough for....

What isn't my GS high enough for? Right now, this tanking toon has more health and better avoidance than my main did the day I walked into ICC. Yes I said that, I wasn't in 258 gear, I was in 245 gear. My guild was really not into running ToGC after running ToC already, probably twice that week.

Why do we even use this score? what does it gauge? Skill? Experience? tells the lazy RL that you have been lucky enough to get drops or run so many heroics you have GS that is acceptable to allow you to be bad when you walk in the door. Because if your GS is too low, you aren't getting let in.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Journey pt II

Me the raid tank-

My big guild on our server didn't work out and due to a few things, guilds on our server fell apart bad. So we literally had 3 25 mans on our server that were worth anything. None needed a tank. I went to a 10 man guild and we were doing good, in the top 500 world wide and I liked the people. Even RL friends have issues, they all took a break when Ulduar came out.

I server xfered to Thrall and landed a top 1000 guild world wide and was doing good and having fun. Gear was coming my way. (not totally thou, I was tanking Thorium and Mimi w/the Red Sword of Courage lol) and I got hacked, BAD. Everything was gone from all my toons and it was locked. I had to call Blizz to get it open and it took almost 3 weeks for my loot.

My guild took on another smaller guild, we now had 9 tanks and I had no gear. I was out of the rotation and asked if I could heal....NA. I'll pass and back to my old server.

I landed probably my favorite guild ever. No one yelled, our DPS was probably better than the other guild and not totally as talented we were good. Top 3000 world wide and I loved it. Then we hit...

Yogg Sucks-

We spent 3 solid weeks wiping on Yogg, over 90 wipes, had him to 2% three times and called the raid. I logged on the next day and GMOTD was, thanks for the time guys, natural Twenty is calling it quites.
Guildless and slightly heart broken I took a mini break. I spent time with my family and had no where to tank at. ToC was just out and I was not into the game.

Me the casual-

I joined any guild, a guild full of good people but they were rough and in need of carrying. I carried them for months. Yes thats cockey and rude but it was the reason I left. Our 10 man crew hit ICC 10 LK by March before the 5% buff and spent a week on him. It was fun just to get to him, I then watched 12 guilds down LK before we did. I really really wanted LK before the end of the patch.

Xfer again?

Yes, simply put I did. One of the downfalls of Wrath is the lack of guilds that needs tanks, due in part to only needing 2 for any fight. No on needed tanks but the 11/12 Hard mode guilds. No way I get LK down w/one of those guilds. I was recruited by about 5 of them too. One of my 1st questions was do you guys do LK on norm if you don't get him on hard...NOPE and I was out.


Yes I found a guild, a great guild in skill and people. I got my LK kill 2 weeks after I joined. We have killed him a few times since.

What a fight it was. LK was amazing, yes were were overgeared, and yes there was a 30% buff but so what. I basically solo tanked him for TWO solid phases since the MT went down in early P2 to soul reaper. It was a fight a tank dreams of! When the cut scene started we had 3DPS and 2heals and me alive. I was a taunting, CD using, kiting fool. I wish I had it filmed....oh how I wish it.

Since then we did RS 25 and I'm 10/12 ICC hard mode. I have 49k health unbuffed 6296 GS and well...

I'm so burnt out. I can't really play my main, its got 2 crafting proffs, so I can't really farm. I have badges coming out of my eyes. I have rolled a priest and two pallys and I'm really sick of playing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My journey thru WoW pt1

The unfinished story....

A start-

I began playing on a whim. I worked w/a few guys who played and was suggested to play on my old server. I didn't know anything about the game, AT A L L!

I chose a hunter, leveled fast and was a NOOB! Big time! I didn't know how to trap/kite/or play a hunter. I found a guild that was willing to teach me. I made some huge effe ups. My first time in kara I was trapping the Ret pally on Morose fight and we wiped 9 times. I fell in love with raiding at that moment. It was pretty sad, I was so happy to be there I didn't even understand that we actually ran out of Kara with mobs chasing

Take a beating-

I was a good hunter, maybe great. I still didn't keybind but I could trap/kite and CC multi mobs. I really liked raiding. We were a small guild and our healers SUCKED. In TBC you had 2 options in a 10 man guild and we were in Kara all the time. ZA was a bit to much for us.

We needed a tank, a tank that wasn't burnt and someone who could be online to tank. Our GL was a tank but was so burnt and loved his hunter. Our other tank, well he was a flake and young...he hated tanking. We had a guy in guild buy another guildies toon to tank and he sucked, BAD.

I had a level 7 pally and said one day....I'm going to roll a tank. I was tired of our tanks being "burnt" tanking. I had a level 14 warrior too but I figured I could heal or tank as a pally and that would help the guild.

At this time we got a Warrior and a priest join the guild and I thought maybe I can play my hunter, but I was already falling for the pally. Leveling as a Pally (Prot) in 2.3 was brutal to say the least. I did what I needed to for rep to make this a raid toon as soon as I hit 70. I had gear ready and learned how to pally tank.
Getting the call-

At level 69 I was in SMV leveling, and my GL says, we need a tank tonite. LOL I say, I'm not ready to hit 70 yet. His reply "you can get into kara at 68, be ready".
I'm tanking Kara at 69, not getting any XP and getting killed in aggro and by the mobs. But I L O V E it! The attempted to let me tank the Prince but that was, um fail. I off healed but we got him. Our DPS was a bit ahead of me so learning aggro management was a big thing for me. Yes we had Salv but that wasn't enough then. Looking back, what I have learned since then....just WOW.

From then on I was set on becoming the best I could be. The guild was patient with me and I was becoming nicely geared. Be it crafted or drops I had some luck and wouldn't you know it, the best tanking weapon in BC (pre-bt) was the Merciless Gladiator PVP mace, which I got. We switched off tanking duties alot in TBC but I really enjoyed tanking.

XPAC looming-

So we made the treck into ZA, I MT the bear boss and bird boss, to which we got down that day. No tanking loot dropped but pallys could do it and we were doing ok. During this time I had collected a nice set of healy gear. A really nice set and in fact due to my computer I could heal better than raid tank (Laptop) and I was known as a healer. I healed almost every raid pre-nerf before Wrath hit. I hated it but I was raiding. MT Hyjal made me LAG so bad I know I could never be MT.

Due to some in guild drama and RL (not mine) drama the guild I came up in fell apart. I had good friends in the guild so we started a new guild. We were excited that Wrath was going to allow 10 and 25 man raids. We went into the patch fully ready to advance as a guild. I had a few other offers to tank or heal but wanted to stay with friends.

The new Computer-
Right after wrath hit I got a new computer and was more set to tank than ever. I had the reputation as being heals and it took some work to become know as a tank. We had a smaller server and the number 3 guild on server needed a tank...I applied and went guns ablazing, but it fell thru fast. They were tank heavy and due to Wrath coming out a few that "left" the game came back so I bowed out and went out as a free agent for a bit. It really took a while to get out of the "healer" label that I had on me and in fact some still know me as a healer.
More later....
Also I'm still working on Byka and getting her into ICC 10.

Friday, September 17, 2010


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,

is not an act but a habit.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have to say, I AM BURNT bad on the game and it almost feels like a chore to log on.

I am currently 12 hours into level 80, tanking is fun but the game is not! I thought that starting a new toon on a fresh realm would add some vigor. It hasn't. With the announcement of 4.01 soon I have totally pulled back.

I can say this, my gear is awful, but coming around. I don't really get "bad gear or suck tank" too much but the DPS doesn't hold back at all. Its a chore to hold aggro on some classes, and yes I know its my job to hold aggro but the problem lies in impatient players or jumpy DPS. I had a boomkin in my last run that would hit the mobs before I touched them.

More to come and lets see if I have it in me to actually hit ICC before my self imposed 30 hours and get to see ICC 10 1st four bosses.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tanking adventures 77-79

D-I-N-G! I hit 80!
Yes I'm sorry I'm going to combine the last few levels.
To be honest nothing really exciting has gone on and the gear drops have been small.

Instance entered: 130
Health: 30,304 w/sanc upon hit 80
Deaths: 51
Def: 542
Damage taken: 36,085,557

I have to be honest, these last few were horribly boring, long and hard to take. I was burnt on tanking with people who didn't care. I seen far to many plate wearing tanking gear because "it was an upgrade". To many times I seen off spec loot drama and greed in a low level 5 man. I burnt myself out. Nothing that is going to make me stop playing or to stop this tanking adventure blog.

My patience wore thin on little mistakes that I guess people that are learning how to play a class or toon will make. But if you run HoS 6 times in a row you know the mobs pattern others don't. I did learn alot about tanking and I think I got a bit quicker with some of my key'd abilities.

So what now with this toon?
I'm on a huge sever with little tolerance for lower gear score and I need to make sure my play is on point. I'll share with you a few of my goals:
Gear as quick as I can to accomplish my goal of seeing the Alliance side of the RP Lore of Sauerfang.
I'm going to keep a log of my runs (the best I can) and journal the variety of people I run across and loot I get.
I have set a goal of doing this in about 30 playing hours. Yes I said 30 hours of play time at level 80.
I'm not going to do this with my guild or set it up prior, I just want to PUG on a major server to see how it goes.

Will this become my main?
I'm going to say, with as busy as life as gotten recently, and the lack of time to raid, it is for now going to be the toon I concentrate on. Chasey is my main and always will be. But for the time being, there not much more to accomplish with her.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tanking Adventures 76

Stats for 75
Instances entered: 113
Damage taken: 26,035,059
Health: 19,138
Deaths: 46
Def: 511

Farley fast level. Nothing special happened, and the groups all seemed normal. I did a fare amount of questing to get this level as well. The money is just too good questing not to.

For gear I got the crafted saronite helm and got a really good deal on a def enchant for the shield. I did get the shield from VH and that's all I've seen drop. The quest rewards are no where near the quality of the crafted Saronite set, so I'm able to vendor those.

I get to fly now that I leveled to 77. This will help me farm. I do notice my patience is wearing thin with dumb! Yes I said dumb! I did run a DTK in which every player (I move at a fast pace too) face pulled including the hunter who entered, had his pet on aggressive and attack the mobs upon entry.

I jumped on my main to tank a quick heroic, just to stay sharp. I did a FoS and lead in DPS and damage done, which isn't a surprise due to the gear but the group who I was with was very friendly and fun. The only real issue was the first boss the spark that you have to kite him away from was spawing RIGHT on top of him, so he got some huge heals. I did get the scorpion which no on minded cause the group was all clothy.

This is an alt pally that I rearly play. I'm close to a precordial saronite so I jumped on of the badges, I entered HHoR after the 1st bosses were dead so no corner for me. The group was still talking about the tank that left, he apparently ninja'd loot and none of them were happy. Taiten is a bit under geared, barely breaking 4800 GS (I hate that mod) and we did the run to the ship, w/o incident. There was 3 players from the server Mal'Ganis. A ret pally from another server. We get to the chest and the Ret pally and DK Greed on the tank helm that falls. I ask politely "would you guys mind if I get that helm" both reply, "we have tanking off specs" the DK from Mal'ganis won it and said "great now I can vendor it" and left group. I was a bit ticked off. Oh well, I've learned not to expect much from that servers players.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tanking Adventure 75

Stats for 75:
Dungeons entered: 108
Damage taken: 24,593,537
Health: 17,760
Def: 495
Deaths: 46

I did seven 5 mans and they were all smooth as butter aside from one. I have been running AN and OK over and over. They are very boring at this point. AN is fast and thats the best part. I think I have 1 DK in every group and who knows maybe I'll keep track of that for the next few levels.

I got a huge help from the new guild I joined and they came and helped me do Amphitheater of Anguish. I asked in zone for a bit and then asked in guild and got the help. That allowed me to level very fast.

As for gear, I got a few upgrades, the pants from VH, I made the Monarch Crab and of course the cloak in VH dropped. I should have waited but of course I would have waited, never got it, had Tormented Skies made and then it would have dropped. This replaced my trinket from the hell fire quest chain and added a ton of health. I used my dragon's eyes, which may seem like a waste but really they are free, I don't have any or many blue patterns so its cheap, getting me points cutting them and stacking stats.

I will say I'm usually doing the most DPS in my runs. Yes I'm enchanted and know the toon but its kinda funny that a prot pally is leading damage and dps even at 75.

This leads me to my horrid run. I entered OK and had a level 80 healer, a DK, a Hunter and a fire mage. The run was going smooth, the mage was a bit erradic and running ahead. I noticed before the 1st boss I didn't have Mark of the Wild. I asked the healer, a druid for it and he asked what MotW was? The mage called him a newb and stupid A$$ then said he was on ignore so let him know if he said anything. I noticed they were from the same guild and server. I lol'd it off. A few minutes later the mage said tell the healer is bad. I said and I quote "I feel the tension, but lets just move on". We got to the second boss in Ok, the mage says "hey tank, ya Fa& B!t%H but w/o the symbols. Did you know I F&cked your mother". Well I was like hey look, you guys can boot me or w/e but you aren't going to talk to me like that. The healer said "lets just go, stop newb'n it up tank" I opened my mouth and said well maybe the mage can pull his face off the keyboard at level 75 and do more than 700 DPS and we'd go faster. I'm not going to say all the nice talk I heard but I ended up leaving that run. I allowed it to go far and should have just left at the initial comments.

My guess is these guys were friends or family and just looking to start something. But really, this is the strangest experience I've had running a 5 man. Made me scratch my head.

Thanks for reading, I'll have more soon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tanking Adventures 74

Stats for level 74
Instances entered: 101
Damage taken: 22151358
Deaths: 45
Health: 15,949
Def: 491

It didn't go by fast...

This was a LONG level. I tanked a ton of instance or so it felt. For the most part, I'm going to say kind of a boring one. Nothing special at all.

I did solo Ragemane's for the mace. I died once doing it, huge lag spike before I could pop a cool down. I had him to 15% too. Turning that quest in is how I leveled. So I guess I have started the Argent rep quests now. That was a goal of mine due to the helm enchant.

At this level I've run into a few different kind of players. The really good who can do some great DPS at 72-75ish. The really bad who are always on the boss but don't put up numbers and the lazy ones who only want the badge/XP/gear. My highlight at this level was something I'm kind of proud of, I had a level 80 warlock in DTK (I have no clue why either, it wasn't for gear) who was in 232 ave gear and I only lost aggro to him one time. That time was due to a stun I got early in the fight. That made me happy.

On the gear front, I put on the sarnonite belt at the start of the level. When I hit 75, I had the saronite boots and helm (its for the next level) I got the mace from the quest and I spent about 48g plus 15g tip for the Cloak of Tormented Skies, I needed to upgrade this bad! I was wearing a level 62 green "of the Champion" cloak. Totally worth the investment. As for a few other things I did I put a weapon chain on the mace and an agility enchant on my cloak, It was 4g so not bad. My next upgrade will be the Monarch Crab JC trinket.