Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tanking Adventure 75

Stats for 75:
Dungeons entered: 108
Damage taken: 24,593,537
Health: 17,760
Def: 495
Deaths: 46

I did seven 5 mans and they were all smooth as butter aside from one. I have been running AN and OK over and over. They are very boring at this point. AN is fast and thats the best part. I think I have 1 DK in every group and who knows maybe I'll keep track of that for the next few levels.

I got a huge help from the new guild I joined and they came and helped me do Amphitheater of Anguish. I asked in zone for a bit and then asked in guild and got the help. That allowed me to level very fast.

As for gear, I got a few upgrades, the pants from VH, I made the Monarch Crab and of course the cloak in VH dropped. I should have waited but of course I would have waited, never got it, had Tormented Skies made and then it would have dropped. This replaced my trinket from the hell fire quest chain and added a ton of health. I used my dragon's eyes, which may seem like a waste but really they are free, I don't have any or many blue patterns so its cheap, getting me points cutting them and stacking stats.

I will say I'm usually doing the most DPS in my runs. Yes I'm enchanted and know the toon but its kinda funny that a prot pally is leading damage and dps even at 75.

This leads me to my horrid run. I entered OK and had a level 80 healer, a DK, a Hunter and a fire mage. The run was going smooth, the mage was a bit erradic and running ahead. I noticed before the 1st boss I didn't have Mark of the Wild. I asked the healer, a druid for it and he asked what MotW was? The mage called him a newb and stupid A$$ then said he was on ignore so let him know if he said anything. I noticed they were from the same guild and server. I lol'd it off. A few minutes later the mage said tell the healer is bad. I said and I quote "I feel the tension, but lets just move on". We got to the second boss in Ok, the mage says "hey tank, ya Fa& B!t%H but w/o the symbols. Did you know I F&cked your mother". Well I was like hey look, you guys can boot me or w/e but you aren't going to talk to me like that. The healer said "lets just go, stop newb'n it up tank" I opened my mouth and said well maybe the mage can pull his face off the keyboard at level 75 and do more than 700 DPS and we'd go faster. I'm not going to say all the nice talk I heard but I ended up leaving that run. I allowed it to go far and should have just left at the initial comments.

My guess is these guys were friends or family and just looking to start something. But really, this is the strangest experience I've had running a 5 man. Made me scratch my head.

Thanks for reading, I'll have more soon.

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