Thursday, September 23, 2010

Journey pt II

Me the raid tank-

My big guild on our server didn't work out and due to a few things, guilds on our server fell apart bad. So we literally had 3 25 mans on our server that were worth anything. None needed a tank. I went to a 10 man guild and we were doing good, in the top 500 world wide and I liked the people. Even RL friends have issues, they all took a break when Ulduar came out.

I server xfered to Thrall and landed a top 1000 guild world wide and was doing good and having fun. Gear was coming my way. (not totally thou, I was tanking Thorium and Mimi w/the Red Sword of Courage lol) and I got hacked, BAD. Everything was gone from all my toons and it was locked. I had to call Blizz to get it open and it took almost 3 weeks for my loot.

My guild took on another smaller guild, we now had 9 tanks and I had no gear. I was out of the rotation and asked if I could heal....NA. I'll pass and back to my old server.

I landed probably my favorite guild ever. No one yelled, our DPS was probably better than the other guild and not totally as talented we were good. Top 3000 world wide and I loved it. Then we hit...

Yogg Sucks-

We spent 3 solid weeks wiping on Yogg, over 90 wipes, had him to 2% three times and called the raid. I logged on the next day and GMOTD was, thanks for the time guys, natural Twenty is calling it quites.
Guildless and slightly heart broken I took a mini break. I spent time with my family and had no where to tank at. ToC was just out and I was not into the game.

Me the casual-

I joined any guild, a guild full of good people but they were rough and in need of carrying. I carried them for months. Yes thats cockey and rude but it was the reason I left. Our 10 man crew hit ICC 10 LK by March before the 5% buff and spent a week on him. It was fun just to get to him, I then watched 12 guilds down LK before we did. I really really wanted LK before the end of the patch.

Xfer again?

Yes, simply put I did. One of the downfalls of Wrath is the lack of guilds that needs tanks, due in part to only needing 2 for any fight. No on needed tanks but the 11/12 Hard mode guilds. No way I get LK down w/one of those guilds. I was recruited by about 5 of them too. One of my 1st questions was do you guys do LK on norm if you don't get him on hard...NOPE and I was out.


Yes I found a guild, a great guild in skill and people. I got my LK kill 2 weeks after I joined. We have killed him a few times since.

What a fight it was. LK was amazing, yes were were overgeared, and yes there was a 30% buff but so what. I basically solo tanked him for TWO solid phases since the MT went down in early P2 to soul reaper. It was a fight a tank dreams of! When the cut scene started we had 3DPS and 2heals and me alive. I was a taunting, CD using, kiting fool. I wish I had it filmed....oh how I wish it.

Since then we did RS 25 and I'm 10/12 ICC hard mode. I have 49k health unbuffed 6296 GS and well...

I'm so burnt out. I can't really play my main, its got 2 crafting proffs, so I can't really farm. I have badges coming out of my eyes. I have rolled a priest and two pallys and I'm really sick of playing.

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