Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has GS gone to far?

I found this site:
(FAIL) Byka, 80 Paladin — WTF is my Gear Score?

Kind of handy, tells you what PUGS are looking for. I mean we have all seen, LFM ICC 25 Link spec/GS/Ach or no reply.

But is this too much?
I'm a new 80, 26 hours old, I haven't stepped into a raid (aside from the kill anub naxx 10) and I have 39,590 health 25% dodge and 17% parry. Decent stats if I say so myself. I know how to play the class and understand threat/spec/and other issues of being a raid tank as I have a main that is 10/12 ICC 25 HModes.

But according to this site, I'm FAIL! Yes I said FAIL because my GS isn't high enough for....

What isn't my GS high enough for? Right now, this tanking toon has more health and better avoidance than my main did the day I walked into ICC. Yes I said that, I wasn't in 258 gear, I was in 245 gear. My guild was really not into running ToGC after running ToC already, probably twice that week.

Why do we even use this score? what does it gauge? Skill? Experience? tells the lazy RL that you have been lucky enough to get drops or run so many heroics you have GS that is acceptable to allow you to be bad when you walk in the door. Because if your GS is too low, you aren't getting let in.

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  1. That is a terrible website, its taken the only resonable use for GS(the ability to quickly judge someones potential ability for content based on gear) and removed the context of what content it is relitive for. Judging someone based on the average level of late game content alone when they may not even be trying for it is stuped.
    I wouldn't get to focused on this, its basicly a site for the kind of people that expect 4.5k GS or higher to run Heroics, except its based on going to ICC.