Friday, September 17, 2010


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,

is not an act but a habit.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have to say, I AM BURNT bad on the game and it almost feels like a chore to log on.

I am currently 12 hours into level 80, tanking is fun but the game is not! I thought that starting a new toon on a fresh realm would add some vigor. It hasn't. With the announcement of 4.01 soon I have totally pulled back.

I can say this, my gear is awful, but coming around. I don't really get "bad gear or suck tank" too much but the DPS doesn't hold back at all. Its a chore to hold aggro on some classes, and yes I know its my job to hold aggro but the problem lies in impatient players or jumpy DPS. I had a boomkin in my last run that would hit the mobs before I touched them.

More to come and lets see if I have it in me to actually hit ICC before my self imposed 30 hours and get to see ICC 10 1st four bosses.


  1. Gear really is not that important this close to the xpac anyway.
    The best way to deal with over zealous DPS is to let them know that you are new to 80 and ask then to give you a moment to get agro before they go all out, If they don't listen just let them die. Just make sure you let the others know that it was a warning and not failure on your part or they might kick you.

  2. Thanks good advice and well, something I forget. Not a new tank just under geared on this pally. Point tanken thou.