Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tanking Adventures


Well my goal of getting into ICC at around 30 hours of play time has past. Due to a few pieces of gear, I could not get GS anywhere near the level where RL would talk to me. My server is HUGE and I'm learning with HUGE servers, there are a ton of players who have alts who will log to get spots for their alts. The other thing I have come across is, when people are putting together 10 man ICC's they want HM's, so I get "sorry if it were normal, it wouldn't be an issue". Sooner or later thou, I'll get into ICC.

I just want to mention, as I geared this toon DPS and my groups have been a ton more tolerant and I haven't run into the "baddie w/the blue gear" nearly as much as I did with other toons I've put thru the LFG system. Could it be people are getting the social aspect of 10 minute friends?

Currently stats:
GS: 4976 (I hate that stat but its a feel of where I'm at)
Instances entered: 205
Deaths: 63
Def: 540 (690)
Damage taken: 74,689,136

Me the raid leader?

I was sitting in trade after doing my JC daily looking for a ICC 10 and WG just finished, LFM of VOA was being spammed. After a few minutes a LFM Tank for VOA 10. I sent the tell and got the invite! I was shocked no, GS? Ach? ETC... the only thing the RL said was, "you know its a full clear right?" "NP" I respond, I need the badges anyway.

We zone in, buff up and start the trash. We do Emalon 1st, my co-tank is a warrior. He is part of the "GOGOGO" crew, he says nothing to me, now...silly me...I'm a pally tank so I go in 1st, like he told me and grab the adds, and he follows me. He then taunts the adds and we wipe. Yes, *hangs head in shame* we in the era of free gear wiped on a T8 boss in 10 man. He sends me a tell, "you have more HP's, take the boss." I say "Ok, sure, NP but I'm a pally and never seen a warrior grab the adds, I've always just done it". He says, "ya just do it my way and try to keep up".


I say in raid "sorry for the mix up, we are fixed up now the adds won't be an issue". He tells me "GOGOGOG" again. I send him a tell, if you want adds you have to go first and I'll taunt boss off you. Well, that was the only time he worried about aggro, cause the newb crew that we were, killed all the adds on the first Overcharge, the DPS AOE'd all the mobs dead, adds were now everywhere and the warrior, was not taunting. I just grabbed them all and tanked the whole thing. I've done it before but when I overgeared the place w/healers I trust. My health alert was beeping every hit. Boss dies, I live and loot is given.

Other tank says, I have to AFK, take 5. In VoA we are taking breaks.

We go to Korolan, I send the other tank a tell "I'll grab him, pull him in the corner, just stand on me and move out of flame" guess what he didn't do? Yes I had to tell him "move" or "flame" or he stood there like a BOT. Both healers died to...guess? Fire! And I looked at my DPS meter, I was 4th in dps. You did read that right, I was 4th in DPS on non undead/demon mobs and basically single target. OH MY.

We go to Archavon, I get aggro and snatched and thrown and guess what, the other tank doesn't taunt. 2 DPS die and  send him a tell, as I'm going thru the air "TAUNT". Rez's incoming.

On to Toravon and raid lights up with "gogogogo".

NO! I say. Mark 1 mob, the RL marks me. I pull and hope the other tank grabs one of the adds, I'm not geared enough to take both for long, or so I thought. Cause the other tank, didn't grab an add, he basically dps'd.

Before pull I say "kill frost orbs" and send the tank a tell, "at 4 stacks, taunt off me. I don't care what is going on, you have to taunt at 4 or we will wipe". At 4 stacks, I have aggro, taunt tattle isn't showing his taunt. I send him a tell "TAUNT", still nothing, I'm at 7 stacks now. One more tell and nothing, I have to bubble. OH MY! He gets to 4, I taunt, he taunts back. I taunt again and have the boss for now. At 4 I have to tell him, taunt again. DPS is dying and boss is about 50%. OMG we are going to wipe on this face roll! Well I guess it isn't all bad. We didn't wipe, he figured the taunt rotation out and I got my 10 VoA achievement. WOOT, I'm hard core now.

Its amazing to me that on a server as big as Lightbringer is, with all the raiding people and as easy as VoA is that we had that much trouble doing it. If I hadn't done that place 4000 times, it would have been a mess. I finished 5th overall in DPS as the tank. I had to tell everyone what to do and on top of it a DK kept DG the trash mid fight.

Otherdin info:
In this section I will talk about my other tanks and what is going on.

Only a few issues:
Chasey-Ran a HoR on my main, landed mid fight mid pull during the waves. I figued out what happened and got the job done. Hunter wasn't in the instance and we 4 manned the last wave. Killed boss and scratched my head, the healer was DPS'n. Yep, 850 DPS and my health was ok but low all fight.

We did the LK escaped, the healer kept taking shots at the group and was very snide. Hunter wouldn't get w/group and got smashed by Arthus himself. LOL in group and said, you can't kick me in combat.

We ended up finishing and got to kick the hunter before loot was given out. Right after the badges hit the bags I got up for a second, came back to the healer telling me my gear was all gemmed and enchanted wrong. They said they knew I was a bad tank and could see that in my choices.

Mind you I had my heroic DPS set in with str and 10 stats gem 50 ap enchant weapon on. I was looking to kill stuff, cause even in this set of gear, I'm at 560 def and 49k health. I was very close behind the top DPS in the run. Before the healer zoned out, they told me to L2play a pally as AGI/Stam is not something a pally uses and stra and 10 stats gems don't go in tanking gear. I scratched my head.

I don't play on this server or this toon much. LFG is usually a nightmare. Mal'Ganis players are really hard to take in groups. I ran a random just because and I got a zZq toon from Mal'Ganis and a Goon Squad toon from another server. It was amazing, no "baddie" statements and huge DPS. It was fun and almost restored my faith that it isn't the server and more the person. Which I know but run after run you get the same junk.

Sorry for being so lenghty but I haven't had much to talk about lately.

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