Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tanking adventures

Whats new-

I'm kind of in the spot where nothing really exciting can happen unless I get to raid. I finally got my GS up to 5k by getting the trinket Glyph of Indomitablity which isn't a great heroic trinket but decent for raids. Currently with the brewfest going on, I have dual stam trinkets if I want which gives me options.

Joined a guild-

Wait what? Yes I was already in a guild but I joined a guild which I can raid with. The recruitment post was really cool, they were recent server transfers and all "light of dawn". They post said they were planning on raiding two times a week and wanted competent but laid back back raiders who knew their class still wanted advancement for Cata.

I applied, did the interview and got the invite. They told me I was going to be an off-tank as long as my gear could move along which it should because most tanks in raiding guilds are 264/251 geared easy with only tiny pieces to replace. They had a few small questions for me about prot and spec....etc.
They seem very cool for the most part 'leet but past the hard core raids in Wrath at least.

Then the guy who invited me asked on vent, you going to be on for a few? I said sure, just doing another heroic to get my trinket. He then said, "good, let me get my shammy and I can run one with you". I was joking and said, watch we get Occulus and you will have no clue on how I tank in there. Guess what?

We got occ.

I jokingly said, lets do another so you can see how I tank in a place that give you a better idea. We qued again and got HoS which sucks because of the gauntlet which is less of a tank check and more of a "IR DPS let me hit the mobs when they show up" at this point in the game.

All I can say about this guy and his Shammy was, WOW. He did ridiculous dps, I mean out of this world. In heroics w/o BL he did 9k dps on bosses and almost 10k on trash. I did ok at holding threat but for the most part he killed the mob before he could get aggro. I salved him on ever boss fight. He was testing me no doubt. I'm competent enough tank to know threat a shammy draws w/o holding back isn't my fault. I couldn't help feeling I slightly failed his test.

In HoS the hunter grabbed a Golum before I could get him back a 3 pack ran past me, so I wasn't perfect on that pull, which no I didn't need to be but felt bad I let a few get past me.

I looked at his gear after the run as we were chatting and he was 277 in most slots. If he did have 264 it was best in slot or side grade. I said to him, "I'm kinda proud of myself for hold aggro after looking at your gear" his response makes me rethink me being in the "laid back" guild. He told me "you did ok, need to work on a few thing and a bit more threat".

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