Monday, October 18, 2010

Tanking Adventureless?

I took the night off...

Yes, I didn't even log on to bank, check mail, nothing. Is that odd? Maybe, kinda, not really. It is however something I had to do and with the release of 4.0.1 I was working hard at getting the rotating and its proc'y nature down. Threat wasn't really a factor any longer.

I noticed the other day they "stealth" buffed prots threat, without buffing prot. They gave us a little buff by adding [Holy Wrath] which increases its damage by 30% and [Crusader Strike] which buffed us 30% base weapon damage. The other two trees got a buff and help the prot tree big time.

Back to the night off.
I wanted to just get away from the game for a bit. I don't need a break, heck I could have used one of those months ago. I'm not raiding right now. Dealing with school and some RL things have put a stop to that for the moment and beside I LOATH ICC. To me it is OLD and not fun in the least. To tank it is boring at best. Yes there is a few fun fights but all in all I'm pretty much done in there.

By choice thou, I'm grinding. Yep, grinding for a piece of over inflated JP BOA gear [Stained Shadowcraft Tunic] . Am I saving time grinding for BOA...not really. I am, however learning the rotation for prot. I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone. I really want to level a druid, I don't know if its going to be troll or tauren but I'm going to level one as a tank.

Tanking Adventures?

None really, I mean I'm trying to gather info and get the hang of and muscle coordination for the pally rotation. Others are seeing what their toon can do. For the most part every run is an adventure. I will say this, unlike the 969 etc....when you don't have a cool down ready and don't get a proc if someone happens to pull or a mob gets aggro'd, taunt is all you have and well, with the smart dps out there they usually keep DPS'n after a taunt.

Taiten~ This is the toon I'm grinding the with for the BoA. Not bad geared, very heroic capable but this toon offers a bit of a challenge due to the Battlegroup she is on. We have a few very very good realms and a few not so good. Oh, there is the other class in this too, Mal'Ganis, they are on their own level of Pugdom hate. I picked this to get a feel of threat. See they have some of the worlds best players, you see those players and know almost instantly. There is also the other side of Mal'Ganis...This is where the hate comes from. All the hate you see. The undguilded/alt guilded/or "were on Mal'Ganis you must kiss our behind" player.

I had two runs recently, one in DTK and one in Gun'drak. Both with Mages from, you guessed it... Mal'Ganis. Here is the odd thing, I entered the group midfight. This is always telling of th run, two things happen here, you get "oh great a tank" which means the other was really bad or had to bolt or "crickets" and this usually means....the tank is in trouble.

DTK- entered 1st hallway before 1st boss where all the undead are. I pulled an abom and the ghouls. I guess it wasn't enough cause..Mr.Mal'ganis mage, pulls the rest and iceblocks. I had holy wrath up and didn't drop conc so I'm praying that I could keep aggro on these two sets coming from behind me. I had to pop both cool downs and I see in party..."now this tank knows what he is doing" from the healer. Good sign? Heal me instead of worrying about my skill and I won't have to pop CD's, I think to my self. Healer is getting mana, that doesn't stop Mr. Mal'ganis mage, he grabs the boss. Taunt tattle tells me, Mr DK from another realm is going to be the hero and DG's the boss to him.

OMG, now wonder the other tank left.

I did get aggro and we put Trollgore down really fast. Mr Mage's dps...a solid 2.3k on a single target.

Now the room after is the spider that flee to the caves at low health. I like to grab them all and pull them to the hall way so you have more dps time. No....the boomkin decieds he is going to pull different raid ID's and hurricane, pulling the caster trolls that are webbed and mr. DK is DG ever chance he gets.

This is going to be fun. Not, really.

On to next boss and down w/o issue, but Mal'ganis mage blinks past, grabs the next room and ice blocks again.

OMG why is it the last tank left?

On to King Dread, Mage starts pulling adds and DK grabs dread. I got aggro, and adds. Then down goes the boss. I type in party after Dread dies.

"you pull it, you tank it"

The healer gets me! Up the stairs and the knock back boom, dk and mal'ganis mage decied this is their time to shine.

Four pack pulled, pat, pulled. Healer and me...we are mounted!

Down goes the mage but they managed to kill the rest. Mal'ganis mage "tank do you think you could do your job"?

I state, guys lets not make this hard...

Did they listen? No AT ALL. They decide to pull the last hallway, my only worry was keeping the healer alive. We managed. Get to last boss and bamb...Army of the dead...AWESOME, I don't even need to tank.

Boss dies and I get, stop sucking at tanking, l2hold theat.

"thank you Mr. Mage, can you do more that 2.3k DPS even w/the new patch" I say.

I woner why the last tank left?

Shammy healer, Mage (Mal'ganis), Lock, Warrior.
Zone after 1st boss is dead. Say hell, grab a 3 pack and the pat on the bones, turn mobs and burn them down. Things are going ok, get to second boss and he goes down.

I wonder, why did the other tank leave.

Jump down in water, the mage goes 1st, almost dies from fish. This is where the fun starts. "Why the "&(*@" did you let me almost die, tank"?

I ignore.

He goes in pulls the next set of mobs and the set fighting on the floor. I got both under control..and think.

OMG I bet this is why the other tank left.

The healer and Mage are in the same guild from Mal'Ganis. The mage is in AoE heaven and says, "look at that DPS", pulls Morabi and off we go.

Right before he jumps down, he says, "try not to let me die in the water this time Baddie" As we get to the platform he is pulling. I'm pretty much past the point of trying. I won't win.

Keep the healer alive is my only worry.

He pulls the rest of the instance when he wants. We get to the top right before the boss and I take a second to catch my breath. I'm fuming mad at this guy. Very rude, arrogant and well, not good. He starts in w/the "gogogo".

I reply, you have pulled everything else, why stop now?

Off he goes, but as he pulled I pulled and we both pulled the different groups. He Even his pocket healer couldn't keep him alive.

We managed to kill the rest w/out the best mage in the worlds dps, which BTW was about 3.5k, not bad but not world beating.

I try to be cordial in runs. I understand people make mistakes in pulls and threat. Its ok, really. I also know, Heroics are a joke, but we are there together right? Then why be an ass hat?

So I was...

Before the mage can get a rez, I pulled the boss. Yep, I know I was going to hear it but I didn't care at this point. I wanted to be finished. Incomes the whispers...

"you are the worst tank ever" "I'm the best dps you got" "L2play" etc...
I lived, boss went down and I got my JP's.

I have very little tolerance for players like this from Mal'Ganis. I've seen it too much. I've been ninja'd and booted from runs from this server. I've seen them berate others for low gear score and in general they are a horrible lot of people. Not all but in general.

I jumped on my main for a bit, to say hi and do a few things. They were looking to run a random, I had them invite me. This was mains w/very heavy DPS.

I know I would have to work to keep aggro. We got FoS and DPS was on average 5k per pack...with 7k on the bosses. They didn't go easy on me and I didn't lose aggro. The work I've been doing on my rotation is going smoothly. It was a fun run.

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