Thursday, October 14, 2010

Initial impressions 4.0.1

My old friend, threat management.

I spent way to much time the last few days getting my UI, add-ons and toons set up. I still need to work on my hunter and priest. I did totally redo the WTF, Cache, and Interface folders. That took some extra time fixing everything.

I jumped on my main, Chasey. I had very little clue as to what was going on. It was kinda silly, but from the looks of trade chat, I wasn't the only one. I set up my spec fixed some UI keybinds and headed to the trainer. I was amazed by the gem changes and some of my enchants were missing but I really wanted to get into a 5 man and try out the rotation and see how I stacked up to the new threat mechanism.

I've never been a Concencrate spammer but that much mana scared me to  death. So I barely touched it. I took a look at my stats, and que'd up. I pulled H-HoL. Not my fav but a good test of both AoE and single pulls. A good way to jump right in.

I noticed right away I wasn't generating aggro like I normally do.It wasn't bad but mobs used to STICK to me, now I had to work for it a bit. Even on my 277 geared toon. All in all, I picked up on the rotation pretty quick, I still have a bad habit of hitting HoR as my go to thing and well, its not set up like that. I don't like SoR sitting right there and not really touchable until you ramp up the combo points.

I died once but I was able to manage my threat decently. By the end of the run I felt comfortable. I was shocked that mana is not an issue at all now. And really incoming damage isn't bad.

I will add that my damage is WAY DOWN, way way down. I'm used to doing about 4k easy maybe more on this goon in my DPS heroic set up, I did 2500 in this run. I was shocked.

A change of heart?

Maybe ...

I jumped on my other pallys (don't judge me I like the class lol), my otherdin, the Belf on Steamwheedle. She is decently geared, mosty 232 and I guess a GS of 5kish. I spec'd her different than my main, and did my runeforging on this toon. I added my gems til my libram even figured out how to put my glyphs in. Yes, I ran w/my main without a rock in the libram, runeforged gear or glyphs set up.

I qued up and landed H-VH. The group was a priest heals, a rogue, a ele shammy and a mage. I will say, with all pun aside the priest was a saint. I don't think on any pull in this place I fully tanked the entire time. Either the mage or the shammy had a mob on them. I even started marking in the 4 pulls and guess what...they tanked. Neither died in the run which was good, the healer kept them alive. I really tried in this run too. It got bad towards the end. Before the final boss, I typed...."you two have been really tough on me,  can see come Cata, you will lead to alot of wipes. Aggro is different now, you have to stay on the tanks marked mob." the response...? You guessed it, well we will if the tank is as bad as you. L2Play newb. The healer stuck up for me saying, its not the tanks fault you two have been brutal. I sent the rouge a tell, "did you put tricks on me"? Every pull, was the response I got...OH WOW! The mage and shammy did about 5k, not mind blowing but I think more than anything was the time, they were right on the mobs. I had no time at all.

I ran again just to see, and well, I struggled w/aggro but not that bad. I asked in party, how is threat? I got a, not bad at all.

I shrugged this off as, these guys just don't get it yet. I really have a hard time believing that aggro was that different from my, unglyphed, runforged unenchanted main. But I later found it, it really is a bit of a gear issue.

On my Alliance pally, I did struggle with a mage, but she was very cool and said I'm trying to hold back. When I started marking, things went smoother. Grand Crusader is pretty amazing. I love the AS proc alot and makes a silly lil mob who decides to wander off to a foolish DPS much easier to contain.

This can't be said enough....BLIZZ PLEASE FIX THE GOSH DARN DAZED BUG. Its really hard to move mobs around with this. If you must allow the mobs to daze us, then fix mob pathing. Its really hard to position mobs while getting dazed and if you need to stop thru a get dazed making you take more damage.

Overall I'm pretty ok with the changes, even to Holy. So far so good. I would like to worry about threat less or...if they must make us ramp up holy power for our big nuke, allow us the same kind of damage on AoE too. I don't really have a suggestion with this other than maybe WoG being that AoE heal and snap aggro when you have 3 holy power on your bar.

DPS has been a bit more patient during this phase, lets hope the bad ones figure out to assist and hit the marked target and AoE later in the pull. I don't mind working for aggro, I just hope us humans that play the game make the adjustment and keep them up.

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