Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The adjustment.

Wrath, YOU won't, be, missed.
Welcome to Wrath 2.0 or better know as 4.0.1. When we all log back on we will find, totally different rotations, skills, feel for the game and overly inflated prices. This is all going to lead to a total adjustment in about everything we do. Not to mention, time to reset up your UI and download all your mods again.

I know most of you don't come to my site to figure out pally mechanics, the ins and outs of the class, rotation info or just about anything that is theory crafting related. This doesn't hurt my feelings in the least, nor does it make me bad. There are far more knowledgeable people out there in WoW that devote time and set up programs to allow us all to understand this info that is coming to us really soon.

Up and coming...
So with the glut of newness and our new holy combo point stacking ability, I'm going to link you a few sites of worthwhile info. Please check these out and read up on the new mechanics of game play for prot pally's. After all this is what my blog is about, trials and tribulations of a prot pally.

Here are a few things we are going to have get a grip on: Mastery ~ avoidance ~ stats ~ glyphs ~ talents ~ rotation ~ cool down management.

In other words folks, if we were a foot ball team we'd have new offensive and defensive coordinators, hell from the looks of it a new coaching staff.

But we will make the adjustment!

How do I know? Well, yes we were at times OP in Wrath, but the BC tanks, adjusted and became the great tanks, the tanks the most of us strove to be. The Naxx and 3.0.1 tanks made the adjustment. The F.O.T.M tanks made it work to. So I have no doubt that the tanks or Paladins for that matter that take time to read a blog will make this work.

Here is what we have had removed:

Removed Talents

•Redoubt has been removed from the tree.
•Combat Expertise has been removed from the tree.
•Spiritual Attunement has been removed from the tree.
•One-Handed Weapon Specialization has been removed from the tree.
•Improved Devotion Aura is gone.
•Divine Sacrifice has been removed from the tree.
•Improved Righteous Fury has been removed from the tree.
•Stoicism has been removed from the tree.
•Guardian's Favor has been removed from the tree.
•Anticipation has been removed from the tree.
•Divine Strength has been removed from the tree.

MMO's Paladin section Before I get into the list of the places I find my info I just wanted to say, the enitre time I was typing this my downloader was running, so...wow...ya...this is a big patch.

4.0.1 Guides:

Glyphs - make sure you click on the pally hammer to see all the spec's glyphs.

Mastery and Runeforging - great discussion, I'd say probably a work in progress (WIP)and more to come.

Gear and gem/enchants - still WIP

Here is something every tank should read!!! Its Barathon's "Entry lvl to ICC tank" in the age of GS and what he went thru to pull this off.

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