Friday, October 29, 2010

A Hallowed time

I'm not a huge Achievement person. Sure if they come my way I'm ok with it but very rarely do I go looking for one. Recently I've been so bored I've been doing the holiday events. I opted out of brewfest but did get Flamekeeper at the end of this summer.

For some reason thou, my favorite event is Halloween. Maybe because my pally came into her own at the end of TBC and that was the event or maybe because the boss has such an awesome voice track. The first year I let everyone else in my small guild get the mount when we did it. I wasn't always interested in mounts. I really like the mount and this year I've been doing it every day for the mount. I did get one on my hunter who I never play any longer.

Since I have been doing the boss every day I figured for the extra gold I'd go out and do the meta... well I've been doing this for three years now. THREE YEARS! and this morning I got-

Here was the hold up [Hallowed Helm], yes this cardboard helm that everyone of my toons had, one of my alts had four of them. I was so frustrated by the RNG bug. I've had run ins with RNG before but this is a once a year thing. Beside for THREE years I've been running this boss and oh my I didn't have this drop on the only toon I cared about it for. This morning I logged on and bingo:

With the holiday thing going on and my uncertainty with my current guild (more on that later) I haven't been playing much as a tank or anything other than trick o treating. I did run a ton w/an alt to get BOA gear at its inflated price and in my last post you can see some of the things I went thru so I kinda backed off on doing randoms and just did my HH daily. In other words my main was my main for a bit. I played her alot lately.

I bought a few mounts [Red Drake] and [Cenarion War Hippogryph] from the vendors. Yes not the smartest thing before the release of Cata but I have 310% speed so all the mounts fly the same and I can ride some mounts I've always wanted to at nice speeds.

I raided! Yep, sure did. I made the time to get in there with my guild. I had been on late and had lots of little tells to come raid again. I haven't been for RL bit me in the behind. School was killing me and family stuff had me busy. We spent a night wiping on Heroic Prof Puteface. Not a fight I've ever really enjoyed on normal. We made great progress and wanted to hold over, but I'm sure like most guilds in the world, we have issues with people showing up.

Today we went in and ripped the first few bosses apart, I got to kite on Rotface and do the orb duty on the princes. I was almost a tank again. But I do want to say being away from the raids for as long as I have I felt rust! big time rust. Aggro wasn't bad but other tanks were pulling from me just due to muscle memory. I also had a real fun experience on Heroic Marrowgar, I was out front in aggro and we did our lil L-L-R movement and my bar wasn't locked....LOL I was missing AS, judgement and CS was now in a different spot. Bone storm was a scramble for me to get the bar set up and locked before I had to move to much. That was fun!!!

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