Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tanking Adventures DK edition

News Flash; Cata is coming soon...
I'm being silly.
I know everyone knows this but I wanted to have a DK to level 80 before it hit. Being kind of bored, na, very bored I decided to level my 75 DK. Much to my surprise mining is so good at giving XP I did a whole level mining.

I was going to say in my Tanking Adventures that with Cata coming and everyone getting used to the new class mechanics that there is almost a calm before the storm attitude. Doing my daily dungeon to get my JP has been smooth, fast and fun. I have had no issues, until yesterday...

I que'd as DPS, I was mining and just wanted to get my points, have no stress and grab some XP. No such luck, almost 15 minutes and I had my fill. I que'd as tank, switched specs and my que pooped. I shook my head and wondered out loud to myself, what is wrong with me and gave a giggle.

I zone into HoS, I wasn't at full healt so I sat to eat and the lock pulls. Yep, but he did stun the mobs so I guess he did us all a favor by at least stunning them so I could grab aggro. Right before those fully died, the warrior charges and grabs the next mob, pulling the two Golums behind. I managed to grab them all, not happy and rethinking to myself "why didn't I wait for the DPS que again.  The healer needed mana at this point and BTW no buffs were handed out. We get set and again, MR. Lock pulls the next 3 pack at that same time, in party chat Mr. Warrior says, we are all here for the same thing to get XP so lets move this along faster. I grabbed what I could due to the fact that this pull if not done with bit of caution you can get two 3 pulls and a two giants. I back up and at that point after send the lock a tell "if you want to tank, please que as such next time" I get a party chat response of, "YOU ARE A CONTROL FREAK, LETS MOVE ALONG" and proceeds to pull the next 3 pack. Then the warrior pulls the next giant. I gather all these guys and say, PLEASE do not pull, if you pull from now on you will be tanking.

We are not even past the 1st hallway and I want to leave. At that point the 3 pat that comes around the stairs gets the mage who has failed to move up. I gather the caster and lay D&D down. The melee come towards the healer, I get them and have it under control.

I get "Tank, could you please try harder on aggro" from the Mr. Lock and at that time the Warrior says, "I'm going to tank" then switches specs.

I feel relieved and a bit butt hurt but it will pass. Off goes the warrior, half health and at the AoE pack and grabs the 2 golums too. Mobs go everywhere then die. He charges into the next AoE pack and the mage dies. This is going to be brutal. After we kill the stone boss and head down the hall the Warrior take a right, pulls all 3 packs. Its not pretty and I switch presence and pop a few CD's the tank is dead, the lock is dead and so is the mage. Healer is at almost dead and I'm at full health but its too much. We wipe!

I couldn't contain myself, I say in party...."that was a well planned pull and a HUGE time saver", Yes yes I know I shouldn't have. The tank responds with "if you were tanking we still be standing there". "Yes", I say, "but we'd be alive and the mobs wouldn't".

The gauntlet was brutal and the mage died. At the end I get a tell from the healer "you did a much better job tanking than this guy". I say "TY".

Mind you in all this I don't pull slow. I'm a tad cautious on the DK cause I'm not totally comfortable. But in no way am I slow.

We finish w/o anymore wipes, before we drop group the lock says to the warrior thank you for stepping up and doing such a good job. I just laughed.

I am very close to hitting level so I que once more, in comes Mr. Rezsickshammy. Not his name but he still has the debuff and its fresh an new. I ask about it he says, "don't worry about it, just tank". The healer sends me a tell saying, "what and asshat this guys is". He did an incredible 310 DPS, oh wait...he hit 810 DPS with blood lust. He did manage to pull every boss with wolf's regardless of the healer having mana or not.

I have since rethought the feeling the class and being on cruze mode...LOL

Isn't pugging wonderful?

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