Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A World Shattered!

A new land, a new tank and a long awaited look at the world-

Well I logged on today on my banker just to see how things were and I was amazed. I seen pictures of Org but I had no idea it was that different. Its a cross between the Argent Daily area and old Org. The graphics are very nice, so vibrant. I am impressed and on that topic my impressions:

I will say the no portal thing is a PITA but I will wait til Cata starts before I really judge. We only have a few more weeks left in Dal so after that you won't really need the portals.

Guards are BAD to the bone now. 116k HP's per guard and a few are higher, I seen a NELF get smacked and 2 shotted on the way into Org. That was pretty funny.

A new tank is in the works!
Meet Vasey:
I rolled a Belf Warrior just to see how it was and I must admit, its kinda fun. Much more so than I thought. I really like the new flight paths added and the torrent rage you get is OP. I can't wait to see how tanking goes.

I did get down to business and tank on Chasey. I had the talent reset and did my build up. I like the Divine Plea giving 3 holy power. For the first times since 4.0x launched I had a bit of mana concern. Not an issue at all but I sat to drink.  Aggro was no issue at all. I didn't notice any extra damage with the "nerf" to the mastery reduction. I have been running lots of heroics due to the fact I don't have my JP capped yet.

With the reset in points I'll be making my off set Ret for the first time in a LONG time.

On the move-
I am looking so forward to cataclysm. On a sad note, I moved my hunter to a new realm. I enjoy the hunter and it was sitting idle so he left the only server he had ever know to move to Hyjal and others will follow. With my change in schedule I have a more PST time zone life right now. I have found a really enjoyable guild with fun people. Lets hope it works out.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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