Saturday, November 6, 2010

The new community site

I really like the look of the new site and some of its functions. Late to the game? maybe but still very cool. I don't really know how the 2 are going to coincide with each other. By this I mean the wow forums/armory and the new battlenet viewer and forums. The good thing is it takes some of the anonymity of the Internet away by putting your other toons and name there. But will it be used?
Here is Chasey's :
It has some cool functions like Character Audit if you go advanced it will lay out your gems, enchants and a more broad showing of gear (advanced pictured). It also lets you flip thru your toons really fast. A bit of a note thou, not all features are working and if you haven't logged to that toon it will black them out and not show features. The only thing I don't like and I look on to change it but haven't seen anything is the pose. My human toon is covered by the shield.

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