Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tanking adventures

Yes there is more...

Hello, back with a new tank and more adventures and I love it, or we will see. I rolled a Belf Warrior. 1st impressions? Not bad really, I love the torrent silence and rage thing. Kinda OP as a warrior. Since the last time I played a warrior (to lvl 36) they have fixed rage up alot. I'm not always rage starved.
I hit level 15, bought an AH shield and que'd up to start my journey as a warrior tank. I'm spec'd as Arms currently til I can dual spec and this allows me a bit of versatility, in my mind anyway.

I que'd and was almost immediately thrown into Deadmines. The first boss was already dead, the 'lock was dead (this was a common thing I would find out) and the pally healer was spec'd ret and had a grey shield and str gear...OH JOY!

Aside from the 'lock that wanted to pull everything (which I didn't mind, I don't want to stress over Deadmines and a bored wow player waiting for cata come out) but the grey geared healer fixed the 'lock from pulling to much as he let the lock die A L O T! and the rogue made sure he knew that he didn't like the 'lock pulling stuff.  Deadmines went by fast and I leveled fast. Oh and I got the shield which the healer rolled against me on.

WC and RFC-

Got into my next group fast as well. I joined an almost finished Deadmines group again, downed the bosses and had the group say "great job tanking, do you wanna run more?" Well, all that flattery how can I resist.

RFC up first, Fast and kinda fun. I really like the idea of having quests at the start of the instance. The only really bad thing is having to go back to the front of the instance to turn them in.

WC is SO long! We lost a few of out other group and had a Tauren pally join. Oh my are they big and clunky. War stop is cool and at level 18 they are almost warriors. He knew his way around and we didn't get lost in there. I did fall over that jump you need to make twice, I feel like an asshat but I do it with every toon.

We killed every boss in WC which is SOOOO long if I haven't said it before, the healer, a Troll Druid compliment me on my tanking. This really makes me wonder how bad tanks out there really are. I guess my experiences as a tank help me, as a warrior thou, I'm not great. Hell, maybe not even good.

Over all, I leveled from 15 to 20 in about 2 hours. I was rocking my Tabard of Silvermoon and gaining rep which is cool and I got my mount after I left WC, which btw is REALLY long.

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