Sunday, November 7, 2010

Game ease or better players?

For those of us who care!

With 4.0.1 hitting I have noticed something. We are M U C H further along than in combat ratings, threat generation, build advice and gems/enchant guide already out. Take a look at the following:

Combat rating started on Sep 19th. That's almost overwhelming.
Digrens gems/enchanting guide started on Oct 5th.
Prot pallys field manual started on Oct 14th.
Thecks MATLAB and if you are ever in the mood for huge pounding headache (I say that with the most respect possible) there is always Theck and his complete and constantly updated guide on all things threat from talent, gems, and even food buffs.

I was not around for the release of The Burning Crusade but I was playing when Wrath hit. I do not remember the amount of info being ready before Wrath, yes there was info but I don't think to this extent. We had little mystery about how Wrath was going to be. No the raids were not on par with TBC but boss mechanics were know, videos were out and due to the extensive amount of skill it took to raid Sunwell and even BT in TBC Wrath seemed like cake. Not because it was easier but because we were ready, more well read, had more info and it was like going for the Major Leagues to AAA ball in a metaphorical sense.

I can see coming up the huge adjustment the average player. I do not use casual player because a casual player can be competent and with the boredom of the even most hard core player in Wrath, many of the really good raiders are done and now just waiting. So, I instead put average there. The guy or lady who is naturally good enough get into a decent guild but not a superstar and is the kind of player who doesn't put out the DPS they could, the kind that says "why do I need to read to play a game" kind of player.

For those of us who care, Cataclysm is going to be difficult at the start when we have another adjustment but it seems classes are more balanced in abilities if not slightly OP at this point. For those of us who care, we already have read what we are going to expect, even if not on Beta. For those of us who care 4.0.3 and beyond will not be a mystery, we will know our class and that is because others spend precious time to give us access to this info. For those of us who care the game is easier due to better players knowing game mechanics before hand. You don't need to be "PRO" to care about wanting to be a success at anything you do including a hobby or a game.

For those of us who care is it game ease or better players? I choose both and send out a big thank you to those guys like Theck, Digren, Towelliee, Whitetooth, Jere, Emptyrepublic, Rhida, anyone who puts time in to make a blog, run a forum or ask questions and many many many others. Thank you for making the game easier and all of us who care....better players.

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