Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random thoughts

Play style~
Most have settled in nicely. The stupid questions are gone from trade. Gems/mats have come down in price. We are now holding for Dec 7th and the release of Cata.

What a wild ride Wrath has been. From a reused intro raid that was more than doable in TBC gear to a filler raid that had no trash and made you stand in the same room. Don't get me wrong, Wrath was not all bad, it had great points and some not so great.

Wrath Babies- its a term I've heard used a bit now and then. Its defined in the Urban Dictionary as:
A World of Warcraft player who began playing the game during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion (13-Nov-2008 to 07-Dec-2010). This type of player is characterized by a lack of experience in difficult content and a sense of entitlement to epics without putting forth any actual time or effort. Most likely to quit shortly after the launch of Cataclysm. The following behavior may also qualify someone as a wrath baby: - Leaves a group after one wipe. - Has never used crowd control and probably doesn't even have it on their action bars. - Complains about the GearScore of group members, unless his own GearScore happens to be lower. - Checks GearScore and/or achievement before inviting people into a PUG, especially for simple runs. - Cannot find an instance portal even when given directions. - Thinks that Sunwell Plateau should be easymode at level 80. - Favorite class is Death Knight. - Uses AoE during every pull. - Starts running heroics immediately after reaching max level.
In World of Warcraft, refers to a player that plays with the Wrath of the Lich King attitude - AoE everything, what is threat, what is Crowd Control, and expects epics to be handed to them on a silver platter for free.
That is so spot on. There is a serious rope Blizz wants to walk with players have the correct gear to run the current content without farming the old stuff to gear others but I think Wrath may have taken "FREE EPIX" to a new level. Lets hope Cata fixes that.

I think I'm cursed~

No not the  add-on site. I took a break from raiding with starting school and my schedule being way to hectic to devote the time. My guild and its leaders have done a awesome job keeping raiding, bringing in decent people and holding the guild together. BRAVO to the officers and members of Jinx and best of all they let me stay and do my thing. I appreciate that.

Now to the curse...
I have been back for a few weeks I think. Showing every time I can. I still have class on Thursday nite so thats a no go. The raids I've been to have been wipe fests, working on just cleaning up content and learning your class. They have been tolerant but the deaths keep adding up. Well on my two days I didn't make it we downed HLDW and HPP...I have spent so many hours with those fights and I don't show and what happens...they go get them. Good for us and them but booo for me and not being there when it mattered.


Khasey, My DK hit 80. Gear is going to be an issue. I refuse to put out alot of money in gear this close to patch and alas....I am not on a server that has a huge crafter base. My plan is to get her geared enough that she won't be two shot in Cata and easy the leveling so I can have a crafter. So maybe a week or two of heroics will put me nicely in what I need. any of you realize how crazy it is to be a tank in a heroic and have at mage have more HP's than you? It doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy.

The Gem market has come back down to its regular level and hit around the 100g mark. Gems were nice money makers there for a bit.

I will say thou, undercutters are brutal lately. Brief observation thou...
How not to rune the market... Lets say you have a red gem on the AH and its listed at the market price. Then some brilliant donkey comes by and lists his red gem for 20g cheaper trying to make a quick sell which is what the WoW AH usually is. If that gem doesn't sell right away the next guy trying to make quick gold will under cut him.I seen this on my server and literlly it killed the market for red gems overnite. I listed my gems for 139g (I was the cheapest by 5s) went for a drink, came back and there 2 listed for 20g cheaper. I have watched the trend and it really has never recovered from that point. Yes it did float up a bit but 100g to 120g has been average since that point on.

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