Friday, September 10, 2010

Tanking adventures 77-79

D-I-N-G! I hit 80!
Yes I'm sorry I'm going to combine the last few levels.
To be honest nothing really exciting has gone on and the gear drops have been small.

Instance entered: 130
Health: 30,304 w/sanc upon hit 80
Deaths: 51
Def: 542
Damage taken: 36,085,557

I have to be honest, these last few were horribly boring, long and hard to take. I was burnt on tanking with people who didn't care. I seen far to many plate wearing tanking gear because "it was an upgrade". To many times I seen off spec loot drama and greed in a low level 5 man. I burnt myself out. Nothing that is going to make me stop playing or to stop this tanking adventure blog.

My patience wore thin on little mistakes that I guess people that are learning how to play a class or toon will make. But if you run HoS 6 times in a row you know the mobs pattern others don't. I did learn alot about tanking and I think I got a bit quicker with some of my key'd abilities.

So what now with this toon?
I'm on a huge sever with little tolerance for lower gear score and I need to make sure my play is on point. I'll share with you a few of my goals:
Gear as quick as I can to accomplish my goal of seeing the Alliance side of the RP Lore of Sauerfang.
I'm going to keep a log of my runs (the best I can) and journal the variety of people I run across and loot I get.
I have set a goal of doing this in about 30 playing hours. Yes I said 30 hours of play time at level 80.
I'm not going to do this with my guild or set it up prior, I just want to PUG on a major server to see how it goes.

Will this become my main?
I'm going to say, with as busy as life as gotten recently, and the lack of time to raid, it is for now going to be the toon I concentrate on. Chasey is my main and always will be. But for the time being, there not much more to accomplish with her.

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