Friday, September 3, 2010

Tanking Adventures 74

Stats for level 74
Instances entered: 101
Damage taken: 22151358
Deaths: 45
Health: 15,949
Def: 491

It didn't go by fast...

This was a LONG level. I tanked a ton of instance or so it felt. For the most part, I'm going to say kind of a boring one. Nothing special at all.

I did solo Ragemane's for the mace. I died once doing it, huge lag spike before I could pop a cool down. I had him to 15% too. Turning that quest in is how I leveled. So I guess I have started the Argent rep quests now. That was a goal of mine due to the helm enchant.

At this level I've run into a few different kind of players. The really good who can do some great DPS at 72-75ish. The really bad who are always on the boss but don't put up numbers and the lazy ones who only want the badge/XP/gear. My highlight at this level was something I'm kind of proud of, I had a level 80 warlock in DTK (I have no clue why either, it wasn't for gear) who was in 232 ave gear and I only lost aggro to him one time. That time was due to a stun I got early in the fight. That made me happy.

On the gear front, I put on the sarnonite belt at the start of the level. When I hit 75, I had the saronite boots and helm (its for the next level) I got the mace from the quest and I spent about 48g plus 15g tip for the Cloak of Tormented Skies, I needed to upgrade this bad! I was wearing a level 62 green "of the Champion" cloak. Totally worth the investment. As for a few other things I did I put a weapon chain on the mace and an agility enchant on my cloak, It was 4g so not bad. My next upgrade will be the Monarch Crab JC trinket.

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