Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tanking Adventures 76

Stats for 75
Instances entered: 113
Damage taken: 26,035,059
Health: 19,138
Deaths: 46
Def: 511

Farley fast level. Nothing special happened, and the groups all seemed normal. I did a fare amount of questing to get this level as well. The money is just too good questing not to.

For gear I got the crafted saronite helm and got a really good deal on a def enchant for the shield. I did get the shield from VH and that's all I've seen drop. The quest rewards are no where near the quality of the crafted Saronite set, so I'm able to vendor those.

I get to fly now that I leveled to 77. This will help me farm. I do notice my patience is wearing thin with dumb! Yes I said dumb! I did run a DTK in which every player (I move at a fast pace too) face pulled including the hunter who entered, had his pet on aggressive and attack the mobs upon entry.

I jumped on my main to tank a quick heroic, just to stay sharp. I did a FoS and lead in DPS and damage done, which isn't a surprise due to the gear but the group who I was with was very friendly and fun. The only real issue was the first boss the spark that you have to kite him away from was spawing RIGHT on top of him, so he got some huge heals. I did get the scorpion which no on minded cause the group was all clothy.

This is an alt pally that I rearly play. I'm close to a precordial saronite so I jumped on of the badges, I entered HHoR after the 1st bosses were dead so no corner for me. The group was still talking about the tank that left, he apparently ninja'd loot and none of them were happy. Taiten is a bit under geared, barely breaking 4800 GS (I hate that mod) and we did the run to the ship, w/o incident. There was 3 players from the server Mal'Ganis. A ret pally from another server. We get to the chest and the Ret pally and DK Greed on the tank helm that falls. I ask politely "would you guys mind if I get that helm" both reply, "we have tanking off specs" the DK from Mal'ganis won it and said "great now I can vendor it" and left group. I was a bit ticked off. Oh well, I've learned not to expect much from that servers players.

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