Friday, April 29, 2011


This Blog will be a bit personal in nature, but in game stuff. I do want to apologize for not fixing some of the posts I had previous, I was cleaning up some tags and deleted a few very popular posts.

Before I begin, I really have to say how fun ZA is to do again. I really missed and it. I found ZG pretty rough. The poison boss is SO unforgiving. I read a few posts HATING it and others loving that they spent hours in a 5 man....thanking blizz for rough content...WOW!

Progression vs comfort-

Summer is coming, 4.1 is upon us and 4.2 is right around the corner. I'm sitting at 7/12 and have been for about a month. Why? We haven't raided! Sure we have had some half ass attempts, some fill in guildies for those who missed.

Some of the highlights; our top DPS got hurt and isn't playing, our newly promoted Holy Pally took a break; the raid leader has some seriously bad RL issues getting in the way of his attendance, and it seems the rest of the raiders are content with where we are. We seem to struggle on farm fights more and more and it is causing some to get short and snappy.

I am almost exalted, I'm very fond of the guild, I feel at home. I, feel, comfortable.

This silly, time consuming game and its effects on me. I'm very competitive by nature. I feel like I'm missing out, but leaving would be letting people down. Wouldn't it? or are they letting me down by not playing to their potential? By not showing up?
These guys count on me, they have helped gear me but we do barley better than some pugs. Not saying they are at the skill level of pugs but the ambition the, the drive and the attendance is something pugs can accomplish or the most casual guilds who just "wanna have fun raiding together". My original guild that I raided with split apart, 5 friends went to another guild. They are the most casual, savagely unaware players I've played with are further ahead than I am in progression. This hurts my pride bone a tad!

I fear if I stay put, I'll never see the content I want, in fact I know I won't. I will not buy my way to a title or achievement when it comes to raiding. I can do it on my own, or I think I can. The problem is, no one needs tanks. I feel I've pinned myself in a bad spot.

I got a tell yesterday from a lvl 75 toon. He was from the #3 guild on server, a top 1500 guild worldwide. They need a tank, problem is they are 7/12....Heroic! Doh! I would be skipping 12 whole bosses and working on new fights at the heroic level. Could I do it, sure...I think. I'd make mistakes, but is that what this guild is looking for? They told me, they are looking for someone situational aware, someone knows their class and reliable. I can do all that...

I hate change, I hate making mistakes, I love to raid, I want to progress....I don't know...

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