Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introduction of blogs...

I want to take a minute for an introduction of two really great blogs I've recently run across. The people that write these blogs have an depth and understanding of the game most just don't get. They are the reason I don't get on here and ramble about numbers and theroycrafting....for one thing, they have already done it and they do it the correct way. Maybe I should get more into why I do what I do but a solid understanding for why is where these new blogs kick in.

Please take a minuted and enjoy these wonderful tanking blogs from long time members of the maintankadin community.

The Tank Repo(sitory) -  A tremendous look at not only all things tanking but of awareness and raiding as well. Welcome the well versed Paperplate.

Sacred duty - Three of my favorite posters I've ever read.
  • Theck the KING of all things numbers and moments where you wonder if, is this really a
  • Meloree - GM of a top 200 guild and self proclaimed brasher of those who are wrong on the Internet.
  • Anafielle - an amazing writer full of witty and informative responses and probably nailed the best quotes I've seen about pallys ever:
"After all, paladins have had Voluminous And Unnecessary QQ as a baseline talent ever since Burning Crusade."

Welcome to the blogging community, you are putting your touch on a spot in the blogging world that needs help.


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