Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why I blog!

This is something I have wondered about. I mean, sure I enjoy playing the game, I'm not on a ton, I don't consider myself a guru of any class or spec, I'm not a tremendous theorycrafter, I am not even a 'leet player in a top tier guild. What do I have to offer?

I'm a very completive guy by nature, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and other cool metaphors that you can insert there. I guess this is me giving back, or a way to allow me to share my time and experiences within a mini world we all enjoy. This allows me to connect with others who share in my experiences. It isn't like I can tell my wife that my spec was broken today and her have any idea as to what I'm talking about. I really don't think that I can say, "honey, my guild server transferred today, wait, what, do, you, mean I need to cook dinner now". Blogging allows me to get my story out there and not get looked at like I'm wearing an aluminum hat in front of my family.

So where does me completive come into play with blogging. My favorite part of the game is raiding, as a Paladin, and a tank. Like anything else in my life I have ever done, competing in a raid against the environment drives me to be better. Makes me want to succeed! Blogging leads to this by allowing me to give insight to what I've figured out.

If any of you read Maintankadin, you know Theck, I think anyone who plays a tank at any level more than as a Pug troll knows of Theck. I'm about as big a fan of his as anyone is anywhere. I can't believe someone can wrap their head around something so in-depth about a pixilated game. Yet, he makes my eyes bleed and head hurt, it takes me several attempts at his writings to understand what he said and the sad part is, he probably breaks it down to a level he thinks is juvenile. This is like a pro basketball player playing in your local 3vs3 tourney at the local YMCA, no matter how simple he makes his work for us to understand, it is still pretty complex and overwhelms most.

This is where I come in, or so I think. After reading his work, what others say of his work and putting what he says into action, I finally figure it out. Yes, I truly do understand what he said after I read, reread and practice. Just like in a sport, it finally hits you, and then you can pass on what you have picked up. Being the only pally tank in the last 3 guilds I've raided with, this is my sounding board. I use my blog as a place to coach, help and even understand what I've learned. Its a trickle down effect.

Lastly blogging is a community amongst a community, the water cooler of the internet. It allows non average (I don't say that like a prude or in a 'leet sense) gamer or WoW player a place to see what others who think like they do, who have common interests as they do to communicate and associate with each other. Blogging is something I enjoy and I hope my readers do too. I'm not sure how followed I am, I get about 40 hits a day on the average of 4 minutes or so, I'm guessing that there are a few out there who in the very least click on my page and walk away from the

Why do you blog? I'd love to hear...

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