Thursday, March 31, 2011

Down goes the monstrosity!


Background: I joined a guild that was 2/12 back on Feb. 23rd. I took a shot at them over a few others because it just felt right. I think I picked a winner! This guild raids two times a week for a total of 8 hours in that week. We have progressed 1 new boss a week as long as we have had the people to raid. I'm pretty happy overall after my start to Cata to land with the great group of people I have.

This week started ok, fell off quickly at the end of the 1st night and when I logged on last night I didn't know what I was going to log into. We had a few that were under preforming and just not doing what they needed to for the rest of us. Yes, as a raider you owe good play and solid performance to the 9 or 24 others!

We head to BoT, 1shot Halfus, 3shot the Dragons, and pulled our way to the Elementium Monstrosity, we had 3 new people there. The RL explained the fight and our tactic we were going to use, ready check and Pull.

Our 1st pull went really smooth, we got to the Monstrosity! I made a huge error in tanking him, Tank spot needs to update, they show you do a little circle and the boss follows, I can tell you that the boss DOES NOT follow you any more, he stands there like a dumb ass and casts shit. Pally and range tank is not a sentence you hear much. I cut the raid off from DPS'n and we lost. Got it to 5% or so. The next pull or two were RNG luck with the buff/debuff placement and didn't get to P3.

We finally got P1and P2 smooth and P3 started with boss at about 28%. I got the boss, and started to kite, this ass hat likes to stand in one place and not move much. I literally had to run 30 yards to get him to follow. The DK tank taunted and we noticed something, the DK did a better job of the "I'm going to stand here and not move while I cast and the DPS overtakes your aggro" thing this boss does. We jumped in tank vent and worked out a plan. Oh, yes, we wiped at 1% or about 480k health left on boss. OMG 1%....really!

Next pull, we did amazing, thngs were going smooth and the Monstrosity came up at about 26%, the DK had a bit of problems moving her but all in all it was going good. I did get a chance to WoG our priest while in the air and added utility where I could. I hate when I don't do my job the right way. It happens from time to time. But we did it we got the council down. A boss that only 13% of the guilds in the world have done. This isn't a heroic clear or a server first but it is a great thing after the way the week started and looked like we were going to have.

After this we went back to BWD and 2 shot Maloriak. Grabbed some gear for some, some shards for enchants and all in all it was a great week. The officers and RL stepped up and worked out our issues we had and we are progressing nicely.

Oh Blizz, could you please please fix the effin loot system. We get the same drops week after week, of the 3 helms that can drop for a tank, two of those bosses are on farm and they haven't dropped them AT ALL in fact we have de'd about half of our drops lately and our main healer (priest) is still sitting about 350 ilvl due to the shitty drop nature!

In other news-

I started work on Byka, my toon from Tanking Adventures. I hit level 81 and I really can't believe this, I went from 42K hp's unbuffed to 58k with 2 pc's of gear and 1 level. That's amazing. Keep in mind she was about 246 ilvl before Cata hit. 

My plans are to level her soon to 85 and see where I can get prior to 4.2 coming out.

I started tanking with my DK. I wanted to go tank for a few reason, I was only planning on going DPS but didn't like it. So tanking is my thing I figured I'd just tank with her. I got her to ilvl 345, which isn't bad, she's squishy and takes tons of damage but its another tank for the guild and fun all in all.


  1. Yeah, that monstrosity moves like a drunken sloth. Something I thought about after we downed her was the fight in Throne of Tides, the trick is running back in when you realize the boss is casting and taking a few good swings and then booking it back out when the casting stops. Not fool proof because the monstrosity casts way more, but the Commander is a good practice.

  2. Ah, very similar. I'm glad in a way i'm not the only one who see's this silly mechanic. Me and my tanking partner were talking about it today, he felt the same as well. Good advice on the hitting while casting, that might just allow me to keep a good footing on aggro.