Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you Mr. Robot, I'm fixed.

I have become a blog addict, I like to read them and enjoy seeing what the "smarter" people of WoW have to say. To me its much more entertaining that /2 Trade chat.

Mr. Robot is a pretty neat site I came across while doing a search, its in essence a bot that tells you as you have added gear you have enchanted/reforged/gemmed in the wrong place. Like most humans, we get complacent. We get comfortable and don't change. Sure on our main raiding toon, we are always fixing and adjusting, but on a alt, or say a toon we don't raid on things get sloppy.

I like this 'bot so to speak, not only does it offer suggestions it allows you to see what would change if you made the change.
Here is a simple picture of my hunters set up to what I would gain if I did the suggested fix.

I did this with Chasey the pally as well and I wasn't happy with the outcome. It removes the human element and common sense approach to tanking. As we all know tanking isn't a science, its experience and minor adjustments. The suggestions for Chasey had me losing 4600 health, and gaining less than 2% avoidance and 1% mastery. It also instructed me to put the 1% block meta in , which without me being block capped doesn't help when I don't block.

In summation-
Above is the gear on my hunter and the suggested changes I could make to increase my AP and just overall enchants. Its simple, easy to use, not mathy and food for thought when trying to max your toon.
I like it for the DOH! Why didn't I think of that, I like it for its simplicity, I like it for its attempt to help those who might just not get it and you can adjust it too. I don't like it because it might not always be correct and if you don't know what you are looking for, could give you the wrong info.

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