Friday, March 18, 2011

A learning moment in my wow life....

There are special times in game you will never forget, there are times you want to put past you, then there is that special, most unforgettable thing that makes you wonder about even IRL. This moment for me was an awakening, a teachable moment or any other metaphor you want to use and the bad thing was it went on for the 1st year I had my tank or longer.

My 1st toon was a hunter, I did my share of durp moments with my hunter, like not knowing how to distract a pat, or thinking that hitting your target w/serpent sting prior to the trap placement would allow that target to come out of the trap with less health. Yes I did that, so what. My Worst moment ever on my hunter was face pulling Attunmen, Morose and the Curator in one night. Some were pet pulls, others misclicking a target. It made me a better player in the long run.

I was pugging Kara, I was the "MT" due to my gear, I had, T4, T5 and badge gear, it wasn't bad really. It wasn't Sunwell gear but for the most part, I was one of the better geared tanks on my server. I took pride in being a decent tank and tried to listen to others on what I could do to improve. We pulled thru the hallway where the Maiden was, it was a tough hall on pugs, lots to do in there. I was looking at my numbers and the other tank, a pally as well, was beating me out on damage done and DPS. It was odd I was almost 300sp ahead of him, yes I said spell power as tank, we had to have it. We discussed it and I couldn't figure it out, but we downed bosses and well, it didn't matter.

On too Wrath, even as the newer tank in my guild, the other tanks asked me questions becuase I took pride in knowing what was going on. I always read and had a pretty good rapport with some of the more progressed tanks on my server. I like to know what was going on, I didn't want to be a typical Wrath tank.

I was the best geared tank in my guild, and of my friends I typically ran with my gear was usually better. Every one of them had me in total damage done and DPS in general. I looked at logs and seen I was running a pretty tight rotation (969 etc) and in general my spells were hitting hard or harder than others I ran with, all excpt for one...

I respeced ret and ran for 1 week with every pally I could and seen something that was killing me. They all had the same number of ticks of concentrate but it hit for much harder. Why and the hell was this kind of thing going on? What was I doing wrong? I even signed up and post about this in my new home away from home  <---That thread was the kind of frustration I was feeling. I couldn't figure out why.

Due to this, I changed the way I played, I key bound my abilities, put a bar mod into place and a few other things and OMG I FOUND WHAT the issue was.....I was using Rank 1 concentrate. Yes I said that, all that time all those instances, everything was due to me having a wrong spell on my bar.

I have racked my brain as to how this happened, and this is probably how it went down...When I was leveling, I used conc but it was a mana killer, back as I leveled, rank 1 was less mana. As wrath hit, I adjusted my bars accordingly and never even thought to look at what rank I was using. Ok, so this could probably happen to anyone, but all in all, it might be the best thing I've ever had happen to me.

Due to this blunder, I fixed many bad habits, went to add on's and improved my reaction time and how quickly I did things. All in all this error made me a better player and again taught me you can always learn and adjust.

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