Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding that guild, a guide for proper placement in the World of Warcraft.

Been there done that, my experiences with finding a guild that you fit.

Now, the World of Warcraft isn't like the real world. There are tons of guilds out there and many of them recruit all the time. Many of them ask for only what they need. Some never recruit yet always have the members they need. Guild are a hodge podge of people and NEVER ever is a guild drama free. Due to the anonymity of the Internet, roots don't take shape in a guild really fast. It takes time to get comfortable so patience and some good investigation will help.

Here are some tips I've come up with to help ease the pain of finding a guild.

-Know what you want! This means if you want to tank, shoot for that spot in a raid. Ask the questions of the guild you are looking at that you need to know before you make a move, any move. A few questions I needed to know; Is this a core spot? How much will I OS? What does the raid roster look like?

-Talk to the person you need to! This might be hard and take a day or two but speak with the (ranged or tank or whatever) person who you will be reporting too. They tend to have the best info and are more than likely to give you the feel of the position you are looking for.

- ASK for a vent interview! - this really in my mind has been the biggest thing I've found success with. You find out so much more about the officer/officers, the cohesion of the guilds mood and if you are going to like being around the people you are talking with. If they don't have time for a vent interview, my guess is they won't have much time when a problem arises or that they are looking to fill a spot and not find a person.

-Be ready to apply - Guilds love this. Let them know you have been to their site and would like to ask them a few questions before you start the application process. Why? They took time to put this application and web site out there. They also want to see if you can follow rules and can put a sentence together.

-Hit up the WoW forums first and hang in chat for a bit - Check out the recruitment forum post, have they trolled? are they being trolled in their thread? How about trade, is the realm troll in this guild? Are they know as a trade chat type guild? Is this something you want from a guild? This lends itself to the perception of the guild. Do people really not like them?  Sure some people troll to troll but if its a recurring theme, it might be the guild. If these aren't a bad thing for you....roll with the guild.

- How long have the been looking for your spot? Well....why? Have the blown thru 7 tanks and are they still looking? Are they bringing on 3 plus you and picking the best? Is that something you want to do?

Finally a few tips-
- All guilds ask the same question on their application. Shorten this process by putting the following down on a notepad, or other method to copy and paste.
  • Your raiding experience 
  • How long you have been playing
  • What your spec is and why
  • What former guilds you been in and why you left
This is not the only questions they ask but 95% of the applications I've put in have had these question on the app.

Now for the rest of the application, does it give the precption they are professional about raiding or jackasses? Do they want to know you or your toon?What is your computer/Internet like? are you a clicker or binder?
Be honest in your answers and be prepared to defend you views. If they don't like what you've said, is that the place you want to be?

I'll give you an example of a conversation of why I chose not to continue my time app'n for a guild. I talked to the tanking officer. He didn't like my reforging choices no my trinkets. He made it clear they were not with the changes that Cata offered to pally tanks. He asked why I was reforging away from hit and exp? Why my trinket wasn't a stam trinket and why my hit was so low.

The conversation never got better. I tried to explain my choices but he seemed to be either having a bad day or we just didn't click. Here was the straw that told me he would accept my choices ever or he was just to controlling and I'd never really be able to do what I wanted with in their raid environment. Why was that important. Tanks tend to be Class A personalities but he wanted to rule the roost and it was apparent.

Case in point: Sandguard Bracers are a  decent bracer. They have a tad of threat and a tad of avoidance. Pally's want to refore to mastery, and in general use the threat stat to get that. Well if you look at how they are itemized, reforging dodge, nets you more mastery than EXP. When I explained this to him he told me I was thinking wrong and probably would need to run some heroics before I cracked the raid line up. He said I didn't have enough knowledge to be in his guild. His guild was 6/12! I was 3/12 at that point. I hadn't raided since December and this was the 1st week in Feb. He had in his mind what I should reforge and didn't want to listen to anything but what he figured was correct. I didn't really want to waste any more or my time or his.

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